Fire CReehan!!!!!!!!!

Every second down in the second half Edmonton ran a crossing route and every time it was wide effin open. Obbie do not put up with this garbage any longer I have never wittnessed defensive playcalling that brutal in my entire life.

When offenses start rrunning the same play over and over you know it's time to make a coaching change. Denny shouldn't even be coaching at the high school level, not even a beach flag football game, he shouldn't even be allowed to watch people tossing a football around in their back yard, he should be court ordered to not go within 500 yards of a football.

he should be court ordered to not go within 500 yards of a football.

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Maybe Calgary knew something last season when they fired him during the season.

The defence was fine. No TDs until the 4th quarter, by which time the O had let them so much they were done.

Offence gives us lead with 11 minutes left, defence give 10 unanswered points and looks pathetic. Enough said. FIRE CREEHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to the game on y108, i couldn't understand why they Either kept blitzing the lb,s and got burned 6 times in a row or why no other db, covers the vacant area??

Are you kidding, in the second half Edmonton ran the exact same crossing route every time on second down and it was wideopen each time. Even on second and 20 they picked up 30 yards off a 5 yard crossing pattern.

You expect a pro coach to see these things, even Rod Black knew it was coming lol.

Edmonton had 6 points going into the 4th quarter. The D did a good job.

Our offense should have a lot more points than that by then.

you know what guys,

We are a poorly coached team. On offence we looked horrible. Do you think Bellefeuille could adjust the offence a little. Hardly.

I thought we played well defensively until it the end, when it really counted. We couldnt make the stops. Then Taaffe at the end of the game trys to throw a challenge flag. He might have tried to throw it before the game ended. Honestly, I said this before the game today. If next weeks results are the same. Its time to get rid of this coaching staff. Keep the players, we have talent but without proper coaching we are not going to progress.

They did a good job for 3 quarters...yes. When we needed the ball back we didnt get a stop. Its the pattern with this Defense. Last week we finally scored against Calgary, same thing. Sask game? happened twice.

Agree completely they played 3 great quarters... but unfortunately our terrible O went out and got us the lead, and were let down by the D when it mattered.

Taaffe threw it well before the last play, but he is not allowed to challenge inside of 3 minutes... he did it to try to get the booth to look at it.

It's also a pattern of Ray's, one which I wish our QBs had.

Speaking of coaching, did you see the Edmonton offence attack Manning after Bradley went down? That was a big part of those drives.

Yes, Jykine had tight coverage over Peterson, but then on the last drive when he went down Peterson was catching balls left, right and centre. You can't fire Creehan after this game, giving up 19 points in the CFL isn't bad, we should have scored more.

I think our D did a commendable job for most of the game. But this is a problem. It's been mentioned time and time again on here. NO ADJUSTMENTS. Calgary ran the same play over and over and it was successful each time. I can't fault the players on this one. They played so hard and guys like Glasper and Bradley (who sat on the bench most of last year, btw) had a great game. We hired a coach who was fired by a team who had one of the worst D's in the league. Possibly not one of our best decisions.

Having seen Edmonton a ton, I know that their crossing routes are the bread and butter of their passing offence. If you bite on it you will get burned by the deep pass. It just comes down to execution and recognizing tendencies.

Edmonton is known to be very conservative, but they broke out of it a bit in this game and that's what won it for them.

I never seen a offence more brutal than Hamilton in the 1st half. Edmonton tried very hard to match. Both teams are still not very good.

The defense played their best game of the year and a new Fire Creehan thread comes up. Nice.

^^^^ They didn't stop Edmonton once in that second half, except for getting lucky in around the goal line.

If Ray wasn't missing wide opedn receivers they would have dropped 40 on us easily. Creehan is an absolute joke.

Lets fire the LOGO! It hasnt helped us once since we got it!

The Hamilton D has not been able to stop the 4th quarter drives for many years. Same ole thing. Coverages too loose, blitzs too obvious.