Fire Chamblin

Petition to have Chamblin fired!

brass knows how people feel
I am sure they care as well
Question remaining...will they actually do something...I wouldn't bet oin it

CC made it through Monday - they won't fire him this week now. It seems the decision of the Organization is to tank the team. It makes it far more difficult to recruit players and to keep the vets. Be prepared for several seasons of celler dwelling it seems. If the Rider brass know the feelings of the fans and stay silent - that is an opinion.

Well if they know how people feel they are doing a p**s poor job of showing it. It's pretty obvious that fans are furious with Cory and yet nothing changes, so what kind of message does that send to the fans? Shut up, buy our merchandise, and game tickets? As long as the cash flow keeps coming in to hell with what the fans want? If that is the case they are playing a very foolish game of who will blink first.

I can remember living in Regina in the very early 80's and you could walk up almost to any game time and pick up decent seats. I can also remember the radio stations begging fans to come out and support the team. Is this what its going to take to get their attention? I hope not as those were really dark times as a Rider fan and to see us almost fold and have to hold donation drives to keep the team afloat was not pretty.

It does have to be asked though if they know and they care then why not do something about it? Are they afraid an interim coach is going to do any worse? We are 0-9 how much worse can it get? Oh sure most games we have been competitive but really is that all we aspire to be? "Give a good show boys and keep them coming back for more" only goes so far and then fans get tired of that too. We want and deserve not only a competitive team but a winning team. That does not mean to expect to win the cup every year but at least to be in the thick of the hunt for it every year is not too much to ask either I don't feel.

Rider management is at a very crucial point I think as far as keeping fans loyal. If they allow this way of playing and coaching continue then fans will vote with their wallet. They have done it before and will do it again. I personally do not want to go back to the Riders being the laughing stock of the league and management should feel the same way. If they don't then we have the wrong guys running the show.

well...unless they are doing something the first day back to the field. He may easily have had his phone shut off today and not gone in or they made a move and are announcing nothing until before practice. There is also the matter that the board very easily could not get together until after work today. I still don't think he is getting canned...just saying

John Gormley allegedly said that the board was convening today on the radio this morning. I can't verify that myself but a few people mentioned that's what they heard today on his show.

Let's face it - even though management hates to see an irate fan base they cannot run a football organization by making decisions on the basis of fan sentiment. Having said that, it is beyond comprehension that the Rider brass may still have confidence in Chamblin.

In this case however the fans are demanding a change that any of the Rider brass should have known already.

Had Lawless kept his mouth shut a few weeks back, we probably wouldn't of even had Chamblin this weekend.

I agree management sometimes have to make the unpopular choice but this isn't just based on what the fans want but also on results. Other teams have injuries and are not 0-9 yes we have had a terrible string of them but look at Montreal. two qb's down in one game and yet they have won 4 games. Our record since last banjo bowl is abysmal to say the least.
As I said I wanted Cory to stay until the end of the season and then make a change if needed,that was up to the last game that is. What good did he do by sitting Smith the remainder of the game? What point did he make? I suppose you could say yes he showed that he is boss and he will sit a player and lose just to teach them a lesson. So what, big deal, that really motivates the team to play better. Watching Tino getting hammered over and over again and watching the red black humiliate them for a half of football. Is that good coaching? Not in my books it isn't.

Is that what management feel is the right direction to be taking the team? IF it is again maybe they need to go too. No fans do not run the team but management had damn well better listen to them, because they are the reason they have a job in the first place.


Didn't see anything on it (not saying it wasn't in there somewhere), but I loved what Darrel Davis said...such good perspective.

  • Chamblin proved yesterday that he wants plug and play vets and is incapable of bringing along youth
  • BT has pushed for youth (which he has been vocal on, and I know I have mentioned it before, I am sure others have as well)
  • Smith got pissed and inappropriately vocal and thus never got back in (kinda like Messam)...anyone who challenges Chamblin gets the shaft...coaches or players

really good interview (830 am link)

I thought that Smith didn’t say anything and didn’t know why he was pulled. I find that a bit hard to believe as he was pissed after the game and I don’t suppose he was any calmer at half time. That I think is the part we don’t know, if Smith went off on Cory then he probably should have been benched. You can’t have a player showing up the HC like that. If though he kept his mouth shut and Cory benched him anyways then Cory is definitely in the wrong. That is the thing will we ever know what happened? I highly doubt it would be made public what went on in the dressing room.

Watch Smith's post game, that is where the didn't say anything didn't hear anything. Then listen to the Gormly link I put up. Take what you will from those 2.

Further on in the show it is pretty straight up said that Smith got in his face. Sounds like Chamblin told him off for the interception and Smith exploded on him

This is a moot point now