[i]Carson Walch is the receivers coach. Last year, Jamel Richardson and SJ Green were the Als 2 best receivers. Jamel had 1700 plus yards, SJ more than 1000. THat is 2800 plus yards of production. Both had steady hands and were in "the game"

THis year... Both look dazed and confused. Green had 3 drops tonight. At least 1 of those was an easy catch in the numbers.[/i]

Richardson had another easy drop. Both of these guys are looking upfield before making the catch. Both of these guys are thinking 80 yard catch and run before they even catch the ball. Have they lost their physical ability and great hands in 6 months? The answer is an emphatic NO!!!!

They need a coach to ground them and nurture them. They need a coach who will reward them when they make a tough 6 yard catch in traffic, a contested catch. The new receivers coach, Carson Walch, obviously cannot do that!

Johnny has never seen so much sloppy play by all star receivers. FIRE CARSON WALCH!!!!!!!

So if he's responisble for those two being down isn't he responsible for Bratton and London being up ? Just asking... You need a new Schtik...

You can't coach instinct. THose guys have catched carzy pigskins in the past. Brain farts a plenty for SJ & JR tonight.
Not a coaching problem.
They been catchin since they were toddlers.
Not a coaching problem!!!

[i]Johnny don't need a new Schtik. He already gots a great razor, a Gilette.

Bratton is up, because he moved over to the short side of the field (Kerry Watkins spot) and gets more balls thrown at him. London is up because he gets more plays because he moved up in the order. But, remember the 1st game of the season! London had a few drops and people on this board wanted him cut...

Speaking of Bratton and London, they combined for 2 catches for 28 yards tonight. No offense, but you may want to rethink your argument. [/i]

[i]GREAT to see you here CHUGGY!!!! Johnny misses your posts on ALS inside out (what happened to that site?)

But yes, a coaching problem. Players will always play full throttle, and sometimes "overplay" and lose focus. A good coach keeps them calm and focused. [/i]

Hey, can you message me when you start your FIRE MARC TRESTMAN topic? I don't wanna miss it. :wink:

Don't encourage him :lol:

[i]Johnny gets that you're trying to be funny. But, if you read Johnny's posts, Johnny does make some arguments...

Johnny has yet to see a rebuttal from you on this topic Chief. Johnny is a little disappointed with you...[/i]

[i]All joking aside, JOhnny was disappointed when The Als gave him a 4 year contract. Too much safety and comfort for a coach.

If you read the game threads, you'll see that other posters have asked for Trestman to be fired, or not renew his contract. None of them are named Johnny...[/i]

better yet fire this johnny all italics!!

mr. 3rd person where's your seat at stade molson located?

Where's yours ? Yapper

your another priceless poster!! I was a season ticket holder at molson in the 60's & 1 season at molson in the 70's, season ticket holder autostade in the 70's then season ticket holder at the big O thru alouettes and concordes and closing shop by norm kimball. since their return from baltimore 1st at the big O then stade molson just the odd game ticket 2 to 4 games per year!! now since your sticking your oar in this WHERE'S YOUR SEATS LOCATED AT STADE MOLSON?

His seat is in section HFX. an obscure unknown and very very distant part of Molson stadium. :slight_smile:

You have none LMAO ! Unreal...

It's not a question of blaming Walch for everything or taking stats out of context. To me you look at the kind of mistakes the receiving corps is making and assess. Technique seems to be good, so he's doing a good job there. Focus is definitely lacking across the board -- Green is the most egregious case, but everyone (Richardson, London, Bratton, Deslauriers) has taken turns losing focus. Is that on Walch? Impossible to say, but at times it sure doesn't look like our receivers are ready to play, and some of that has to fall on the coach's shoulders.

hfxtc you live in a city and province that has no CFL team and you have the nerve to lecture me on how to be a fan of the montreal alouettes to which I have bought tickets since the late 50's!! your comments are "UNREAL" so now I can assume if anybody fits the yapper role it's you oh yeah baby!!