Johnny wants him gone, gone GONE!

He can take his 3 man rush and his soft zone with him!

Je revenais de la Cage aux Sports il y a cinq minutes en me disant qu’il y aurait un tropic de ce genre. Je post ma réflexion plus tard je dois prendre ma douche et me remettre de m’être fait laver 0-2 pour mes prédictions des séries.

Frustrating to watch today. Harris could have pulled up a chair, grabbed a dog before having to make a play.

36-39 93% completion rate.

Als first game against Esks, allowed over 470 passing yards.

Today, just over 420. It’s as if Slowik was playing his first game in the CFL today.

Johnny voulais faire ce sujet au 2e quart, quand Harris était 20 en 20. Mais, le forum n’a pas fonctionné de la journée.

Tant mieux, la colère a passé un peu…

Although, the lack of talent on the Dline did not help, i gave Slowik the benefit of the doubt all season long, but at this point I would say that he has to go.
Other than signing KJ (which will be very difficult…hope not!), that Dline has to be blown up and rebuilt.

With Claybrooks available, It’s a no brainer for me

Ha! ha! What took you so long, Johnny?

Well, if the issue is D-line talent – and IMO it’s not, really – then it’s even more reason to get a new GM, stat, so he can hit the ground running and get us some talent in the offseason.

I think the soft zones Slowik has them playing make it dead easy for any QB to find his targets. We had multiple guys nominated as all-stars this year. Were the voters mistaken? To me it’s the schemes, the fronts, and the playcalls more than anything. I mean, yeah, we could probably use a stud rush end, but what happened yesterday was insane. You can’t pin all of their success on the D-line alone.

What’s interesting to me is what Khari thinks of all this. If he’s given permission to fill out his coaching staff and he elects to keep Slowik, does that mean he thinks the problem is at D-line? He’s got to be able to see that the defense isn’t getting it done, at minimum.

I agree with you D/P. How many times did Slowik have a 3 man rush? How many times were there any kind of blitz to try and get at Harris?

How many times were Esks receivers seemingly wide open?

Harris 36-39. That’s insane to me.

Other than one sack late in the game, I do not think Harris was hurried all that much.

I expected a tighter d especially given this was their third meeting and the first time the Esks had a field day. End of the year, it’s not like this was Slowiks’ first game.

Offense did its job. As was the case the whole year, if we’d had even an AVERAGE defensive performance we’d have won the game. What Slowik’s defense allows other teams to do is nuts. It’s not just Harris. Every QB gets into a rhythm against us, no matter who they are.

It only took so long because the forum was down.

J’ai défendu Slowik pendant toute la saison, mais ce match a été la goutte de trop. Tout le monde savait qu’Harris est bon contre les Alouettes et que la défensive de zone ne marche pas contre lui, à tout le moins quand Montréal l’utilise. Hier n’a pas fait exception. Il n’a eu aucune pression jusqu’au revirement et a joué le dernier match comme il avait joué le premier. Je suis conscient que le front défensif des Alouettes est mauvais, mais les principaux partants étaient là et il n’y a aucune excuse. C’est un miracle que nous ayons été dans le coup jusqu’à la toute fin.

Le seul argument que je vois à garder Slowik est la continuité. Peut-être l’expérience acquise cette saison et de nouveaux joueurs signés pendant la saison morte lui donneront plus de munition en 2020, mais je ne serai pas déçu non plus si nous trouvons un remplaçant. Si Khari Jones est de retour avec les Alouettes, il aura une plus grande marge de manœuvre pour choisir des adjoints.

Assuming we re-sign KJ, I want him to make the decision. If he keeps Slowik for another year, I won’t like it, but I’ll trust that he’s seeing something behind the scenes that we don’t see. If he turfs Slowik, then he’ll have made the decision.

If there is a silver lining to the loss yesterday, it’s this: we know exactly where this team needs to improve. No sugar-coating it or minimizing it. And that’s a good place to start building the team into a real contender. If we’d squeaked by Edmonton, or if our D had played above the level they’d played all year, it would have muddied the waters and made it easier to justify bringing Slowik and that same D back for another season. With the abominable performance yesterday, there is no way to dance around the issue for Khari, for Boivin, and for the new GM, whoever he turns out to be. Whether we fire Slowik or re-tool the defense or both, I don’t think anyone would argue now that something needs to change.

Must be Jones’, or (shudder) the new HC’s, decision … but RDS (Vercheval? Proulx?) mentioned that clearly Slowik did not have the confidence in the d-backfield to play man-to-man … equally, could be recognition that absent a pass rush man-to-man is an imitation to get burned … either way changes are required … ASAP the Als need:

  1. Jones re-signed before competing bids complicate things

1A. Select a new GM … compatible with Jones

  1. A DC hired (new or re-newed) early enough that in concert with Jones and the GM they can map out their defensive philosophy, assess current personnel and plan for the off-season (recruiting and FAs).

Listening to some post-game interviews… it seems they decided EDM had a lot of good receivers that could beat man coverage, so decided to go zone. But zone D + no pressure + good vet QB = disaster. So 2nd half they tried more man D, was a little better but not enough.

In my mind, Harris has always been know as a good QB… who gets frazzled under pressure. Zone D and a lot of 3 man rushes was playing into his hands. While risky… you’re only shot was going man and throwing in a good number of blitzes. You might get burned on a few big plays, but it was your best shot at not letting Harris get in a rhythm, hopefully getting it back with some turnovers.

Offensively, if you’re D can’t stop them… even more important to keep them off the field. That means a lot of runs, let Harris get cold on the sidelines. Instead, even if the offense was moving… ironically it was moving too fast, not staying on the field long enough, even on the return for TD I was just thinking about how the D had to get right back out there and Harris could get in a flow.
Stanback had only 9 carries.

Lack of pressure by our Dline which was a issue from day 1 had us behind the 8 ball from the start. But to me the gameplan on D was wrong, and the gameplan on O in order the best support their D was wrong. Given that I’m amazed they managed to stay in it until the end.

Slowik had 18 regular-season CFL games to figure out that soft zone without a dominant pass rush will just make your death slow, not fast. Yet he went with this same coverage for the most important game of the year for us, the semifinal. And got absolutely owned by Harris and Jason Maas.

Between Evans, Reid, and Campbell, I’m baffled by his reluctance to mix in man coverage with all the zone. We’ve got some great cover guys, even with Loffler and Carter out. Yet he has consistently chosen to neuter our secondary with zone schemes that every other team in the CFL has figured out. He doesn’t disguise, he rarely changes it up, it’s just the same thing over and over again.

Frustrating to watch.

Bloody forum was down had nobody to yell at!! With Lenkov and Bronfman potentially owning this team. Money shouldn’t be an issue. Bring back Jones and sign Claybrooks…boy will i sleep well

Davis Sanchez, whom I’m really enjoying on the panel, raised a good point a few weeks ago.

He was saying, as a former CB in NFL and CFL, that it is far easier to field a shutdown D in the NFL because of smaller field, fewer players and less pre snap movement.

He was saying that a DC from the NFL take years to develop schemes in the CFL because they are convinced that they need so called Shut Down CB and excellent man-to man defenders to be successful. Sanchez said that NFL DC coaches are stuck on this notion and play too much soft zone. That in fact the CFL cannot expect shut down players. They do not exist given our rules.

DC have to scheme more and utilize the D-line differently he was suggesting. Taller, lighter guys, more athletic, -suggested that Chris Jones is light years ahead of others in recognizing this. And that Defenses have to look at ways to become more offensive and take risks. Proactive, not reactive, jump routes etc.

Glanvile threw up his hands last year after getting torched by Harris. Said " I had no idea" how to stop him.

Très très intéressant comme témoignage. Cela explique beaucoup de choses.

I don’t want to take anything away from this team. I have to admit that after possibly the worst defensive display, I’ve seen in a CFL playoff game, Slowing should be replaced.

Dream candidate would be Devon Claybrooks, I think he would be the perfect match to Jones.

Why do I suspect Jones will be saddled with Thorpe?