Fire Bob O'Billovich

Agreed, send Creehan and Mitchell with him please and thanks.

Same here, born & raised in Hamilton, now live in Cambridge. Following the Cats for 40 years, never watch NFL.

But you know what? I'm starting to not give a crap about this team, & that's not good. I know I'm not the only one.

Northumberland Ferries Limited. They run between Wood Islands PE and Caribou NS.

I had the pleasure of sailing with said ferry line two summers ago on my trip out east.. Loved the greasy breakfast. Go NFL Go..

On OB....Shirley you jest!

OB is only perhaps the finest football man on the planet, wonderful guy to have in charge. Media gave a pass to the 2010 Bombers because they lost a lot of close games, what a crock that was .

Truth of the matter with Ticats is that they have had some bad luck, perhaps the D needs some tweaking, if I was in charge the NO PANIC button would be hit, encourage the fellows, yelling and screaming is not the answer.

Ticats offense is at the top, or thereabouts.

The 2010 Bombers were crapola with a capital C, so no comparison, just a example of how dumb the sports pundits are in this country, they bought this entire, Bombers are so close in 2010 thing, hook line and sinker.

Ticats will be just fine, dont do anything to drastic, dont touch the offense,not sure you need to fire anybody on D either.

On the other hand Bombers need to think of bringing in someone like OB, but they are few and far between.

Yes the Ticats are just humming along like a well oiled machine. :roll: Can't stop the run ,can't cover anybody downfield and QB keeps throwing to the wrong team!

I forgot to add the fact that OB gave up quite a bit of his control to bring in Cortez, and no I am not suggesting Cortez needs to go!

OB gave up part of his title to make the deal for Cortez, George wanted more control in order to accept job, this decision included Bob Young.

Joe Mack will certainly be available to the Cats when O'billovich gets fired! :cowboy:

I hope tc23 was joking. I certainly didn't think your OP was malicious, just a playful jab.

I think Ticat fans are just p'd off in general, I don't see anything wrong with this thread. At this point, no one in the organization aside from Chris Williams should feel safe.

This thread is actually mostly Bomber fans who want to talk about firing some other GM. :wink:

tc23 said he wanted to complain about the op.

Me too.

Me three. :slight_smile:

Actually not a bad idea Piggy.

Tigercats have under performed as well. They dumped Bellfuelle as HC. This year seems like a step backwards after getting an upgrade at QB. Cortezes Coaching decisions (Challenge flags) at times have been interesting to say the least.

Maybe Tigercats are having a competetion on how many Coaches a GM can fire during their stay! :wink:

And not a mark agains't the CFL AT ALL. True, these so called "football fans" are too busy in their workplace NFL pools and friends "NFL pools" where they might make a few bucks on sports to care about what really matters, who wins the national football championship of their country called the Grey Cup in the 100th year. And that is why I don't participate in any weekly NFL pool unless the guys running it also run a CFL pool, which doesn't happen. I don't want to be associated with the "hype" of the weekly money NFL thing with psuedo, at best, gridiron fans. No thanks. With some chicky at work who says "I love Tom Brady". Puke. Not agains't Brady that is, but the so-called football fan in the pool who doesn't even know that the 100th Grey Cup is being played in her home country.

Firing Obie, whatever, I love my Cats but right now in Hamilton, the Cats are a mess. But I love my team just the same. :thup: Fire away again Bob Young, whatever, (love you as an owner though you are super because of your passion, not because you know how to organize a winning team :wink: ) at this point I'm focused on my love of the Cats knowing that they won't win the GC for quite a while I'm sure.

At the time this thread was started, I believe Ticat fans were too busy posting in their multiple “Fire _________” threads in their team forum to have time to post here.

....I see Obie has sent out an s.o.s.(can't he find his own talent) to his ol stomping grounds on the west coast and obtained Paguese...Now did he place the order directly with Wally, or the guy that owns the franchise and another one in T.O. ..AND is seen a lot in the stands at Ivor No-Win......... :lol: ( I have to get my shots in as the Bombers have taken their fair share) Oskie . ...Wee...Wee... :lol:

I long for the Mike Kelly days, seriously! Strictly just on percentages, I think Kelly won more than Lapolice.

Listening to folks around here they would have you believe he did not even understand football. What got him in trouble I think was his not so tactful comments, not like he was a bad person or anything. Coaches with loud personalities are not exactly new. I suspect if Kelly had been more paly waly with the press, he would possibly still be the HC

Why bother, he's almost retired, I'm pretty sure this or next season will be his last.