Fire Bob O'Billovich

:D :thup: :thup:

no kidding. Here's a team most fans had predicted finishing first in the division. Complete let down for the fans. this guy better come out and talk to the media about what a crappy job he is doing. An embarassment to the league.

Did I leave anything out?

Yes you did leave something out. . . he has to come and talk today or tomorrow at the latest, if he waits until Thursday there'll be hell to pay

Wow. Didn't take long for the Bombers fans to gather in here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Party at my place :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. No, I think you about covered it. If only we could send Freisen and lawless to Hamilton to run him into the ground for everything he says about It too

It,s NFL season, nobody in southern Ontario could care less about the cfl !

You can't have this thread until after the fire George Cortez thread succeeds.

Is that before or after the Fire Creehan thread is resolved?

No no. You guys have it all wrong. It's up to Friesen and Lawless who goes first. Then let that be a
Warning for the others.

Have to correct you Kasps. I live in sth. Ont. and I don't even watch the NFL. I know of a few others.

Mont. just got slapped, there must be somebody there who is responsible and should get canned.

It's gotta be on Popp. He hasn't drafted any players that can win on the West coast. Fire Popp!

Has he drafted players that can win on the East Coast? His drafting has sucked. Who's the last impact Canadian the Al's have drafted?

I can't believe the guy that posted this is a moderator with the blue bombers ! Very unprofessional!! A complaint is forthwith.

Can't believe you troll the Bomber forum about "lots of good seats available " when all we do is sell out and Hamilton can barely sell out one game a year. Very classlesss tc23!

Main forum, bring it on. :twisted:


I know, having a bit of fun . Just like to see big crowds in Hamilton and Toronto again .

NFL. What's that?