I'm an Als fan, and for your sake, Saskatchewan, you have to fire Barrett. :thdn:

First of all, that 3rd and 10 attempt should've been a field goal attempt. It was obvious. I don't know anything about football, but I knew that. :cowboy:

Second, if you can't beat Toronto with their 3rd string QB, there is something very, very wrong with the team. :?

I would've liked Toronto to lose this and I have no particular feelings towards the RR. If I was a SASK fan, I'd demand a new coach. :oops:

NOTE: You can't say those two TD's meant something, that's not how you win games.

Wow…I knew this thread would come, but I didn’t think it would come from an Als fan…

I agree with you 100% - and I have for a while. Something’s gotta give.

I don't know anything about football
that says it right there :twisted:

Bad Karma from giving up Holmes is why they losing. Who is most responsible for that, Barrett? or Shivers?

Barrett should have been gone after the 2005 season. Shivers should have been gone once he failed to sign Burris, but a lot of Rider fans are happy with mediocrity, and it wont change until enough fans say we want and deserve better.

“Footballyoubet”, my ignorance did allow me to win the VGCC. And until you do so, either show some respect, or eplain yourself. :cowboy:

you're the one that said you dont know anything about football. I am just having fun with it. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Barrett did cost them this game! A field goal instead of the gamble and you put it in the win column! Agood coach will get points every chance he gets! :lol: Do not get me wrong I ma a barrett fan but HC he is not!

Although true, they should have gone for a FG, it is not as bad as the clowns with Edmonton. HC Danny M and DC Rick Cambell did much worse in giving away the game on a last play.

this is the same guy that just lead you to a win in BC and you want to can him, tough crowd.

I agree and I am sure every Eskimo fan agrees! That will be the worst called play this year!

Calling a blitz on the last play of the game with 8-10 men at the line. That should result in a firing for sure.

I beleive that July 29th. is Barrett vs. the Stamps. If the Riders win Barrett keeps his job, if the Stamps win Barretts gone, what a tossup i can't stand either Barrett or the Stamps,but, .....GO RIDERS GO

Well, Macioccia did seem to ask the players to backup. I'm not sure it was a total coaching mistake, the players had their part in it, just like today's Alrand Bruce big catch.

In the EDM vs.PEG, Stegall was in double coverage, which collapsed, and Stegall scored.

Similarly, today, Mitchell (Sask.) blew it, and Bruce got the big play even though he was in double coverage.

However, that non-field-goal decision was 100% coaching. Might I had, coaching 101. :cowboy:

I am not sure about that. That is ingrained in you if you have ever played the game. Football logic 101, last play of the game we'll have three down lineman(as per the rules) and everyone else drop back you keep your back to the endzone and no one beats you deep.
So that would tell me it must have been a called play from the bench. Unbelievable.

Well, if it was a bench call, the President of the team should give a serious warning to the head coach and ask him if the defensive coordinator should be fired. Macioccia did win the Grey Cup last year, so he deserves a seconde chance.

If it was a player mistake, 1 or 2 players should be benched. However, since the Eskimos are playing the Alouettes next week, you might want to play your starters even though they screwed up. :wink:

Except the secondary has been beaten so badly, and don't forget the game in Winnipeg, I read in the papers how Danny is contemplating serious changes and in time for the game against your Als.

what has the edmwpg game got to do with firing Barrett???

are we blaming him for that too??

I wouldn't fire Barrett,"yet"! But I would be looking around for a new G.M. Barrett has to do what he is told. Huge series with Calgary coming up!

that dominguez catch was complete, and had barrett warn a headset, he woulda known to challenge the call, and it woulda been 1st down...instead they had to punt.

this is a few times now, that barrett has not challenged a play he woulda won because he doesnt like to wear a head set.

why doesnt he just get someone else to wear the headset to tell him when to challenge?