Fire...Ballefeuille and Creeham...not Taffee.

Here's something to think about...

I think Taffee..should fire Ballefeuille and Creehan.
I know I would, if I was Taffee.
Ballefeuille's play calling to be mickey-mouse. He also does not use the players, to their max his formation-sets.= clueless.

Creehan's defence always gets burned for big yardage.
He fails to make defencive adjustments, that work. Same old, same old...did not work in not working in Hamilton.= clueless.

Now the big question is, who hired these guys ?
Taffee or Obie ?

A head Coach is only as good as the people around him.


and who shouldve been hired in their place and who is honestly available at this time of year to replace them with and who would actually want a job coaching a team with this kinda talent its easy to fire ppl but who do u think would turn this sinking ship around weve changed coaches cooradinators how many times. its time to realize it comes down to talent no matter who steps in here this team wont win

I think the team has been very competitive in spite of its apparent flaws on the roster and on the coaching staff. The problem is as you've identified -- making coaching moves in midseason are inherently risky, particularly if they are not in-house. For all the bungling on short-yardage and the lack of a consistent passing attack game-to-game, we are still scoring a lot of points.

If any cordinator has to pick it up, it's Creehan. I don't see a consistent approach whatsoever in what the team is doing. The lack of a pass rush has largely been a talent issue, but the design of the front seven's attack of the LOS hasn't been stellar either. Too much loss of containment, too much predictability.

Oski Wee Wee,

i dont disagree that it isnt coaching either there is just so many holes its truely hard to eveluate much of anything in terms of coaching. to me the miss of 3rd inches comes down to execuation by players it should be a gimme in this league. is it the wrong play call maybe is it poor offensive line likely. we do have talent at some spots just not enough elsewhere yes this team is better then last but is the anwser to dump coordinators once again and start over next season im not so sure

Personaly....ADAWG, I think there is a hell of a lot of talent, on this team. And it is not being used correctly, on both sides of the ball. That is the job of the cooradinators, not the Head Coach.
Danny Mac would be my choice for O/C if I was Taffee...he's a master at reading defence's.
Replacing Creehan...would be much more difficult ( in house ).


we do have talent just not enough and alot of the talent are rookies which are making rookie mistakes others such as the oline and dline are just plain bad new oc and dc wont correct those rookie mistakes and right now they are prospects not talent. the talent we got simply has been hurt with jl and cp and tony miles i just dont personally think another change will heed better results. we will either remain the same or worse off. i think its best to stay the course and eveluate and see what and who is available come seasons end and see what obie decides if it is talent or coaching.

but is the anwser to dump coordinators once again and start over next season im not so sure
I agree with most of what you are saying...the team has to stop the revolving door with coaches and players...or we will still be 'rebuilding' 10 years from now. And I don't think that the team has to do, any more 'deep gutting' to acheive, going in the right direction. Three or four more key moves on offence and defence, should do it.

But I forgot to add....the O/C an D/C is not part of the right direction. And I would rather see the changes now, than at the end of the season.

the only problem i see with changing now we will likely change again at seasons end when more better and qualified coaches become available. im not sayin we may need to change im just sayin now is likely not the time or place. if there is someone more qualified and expierenced out there and powers to be decide its the right move then by all means but just fire to rehire again keeps things going in the same direction

Great points....( I just hate the thought of watching the O/C and D/C get out-coached by every other O/C and D/C in the CFL...for the rest of 2008.


8) Well I agreed completely with your above post, then you had to spoil it all by adding the above quote !!!
If you fire the OC and DC now, just who do you think will take over their positions half way through the season ???

In reality, what coach from anywhere would want to even come to this team, what with the amount of turnover in the coaching ranks in the last few years !!

They would have to be insane, or desperate for a job  !!!               <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 If any potential coach were to read some of the comments by some of these so called fans on this website, they would run as fast as they could the other way, right out of town  !!!        <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

And that is exactly how you ended up with Creehan and Bellefeuille.

Bellefeuille was run out of town in both Saskatchewan and Montreal; Creehan was fired in Calgary. I won't say either is insane, but desperate might fit the bill.

I don't think you fire Creehan, even though the defense is quite porous. He, at least, had a few successful seasons in Calgary before things went south.

Bellefeuille, though? Can him NOW. He's left a trail of destruction in his wake the past few years, and I'm not talking enemy defenses. He has never, ever run a successful offense in this league, and how he managed to get employed in Hamilton when DANNY FRICKIN BARRETT could have been your O.C. is frankly beyond me.