Fire Austin!

Yeah...still not buying into firing Austin, especially when he lost by one point in an injury laden roster. This season so far is like Winnipeg's season with LaPol, losing by the smallest of margins to then make it to the cup next year.

Folks, this stat will blow your mind away. We entered the second leading by 2 touch downs. Normally you try to build upon the lead, eat up some clock, pound the opponents D-line...what does Kent Austin do - guess, as he so stubbornly has done for years...he passes, passes more and more.

The stat- our tailback, Mossis Madu was given the ball ONLY 3 times on 1st down the entire second half.

That is just horrible coaching. And don't blame Condell...Austin calls the shots.

Just plain horrible coaching.

Yup, passing in the CFL aka Calvillo and Moon just never worked. :roll: :roll: :roll:

The problem is we need to stretch the defence more with some strategic long passes, we need a guy like Chris Williams back IMHO. And guys like Fantuz and Giguere are great but not a Cahoon, for example.

Yup...and Calvillo had this runningback named Pringle; Moon had these guys named Germany and Lumsden...

Earl, you may have heard of them :slight_smile:.

And you know what both set many, many CFL passing records but at the same time had Hall of Fame running-backs that they regularly handed the ball to. They "ran" to setup the pass....that is the CFL in a nutshell.

And oh yeah....both had Hall of Fame coaches who knew this - RUN the ball; pound the defence....and the passing will come

You also may know those coaches - Don Matthews and Hugh Campbell.

Maybe Austin should watch some Classic CFL on TSN classic...rather than blame his players in the media that they need to look in the mirror to see if they're prepared...

Austin is the coach; Austin needs to have them prepared, both physically and mentally; and Austin must prepare a game plan....which involves running the leather Earl.

someone revived this thread ... oh yeah!

He will in time be a great coach...things like the 3rd quarter challenge of pass interference when he should have challenged if it was a catch (it wasn't)...and of course the Masoli questions...Montreal adjusted at half time while we fell asleep...these things happen...take out this loss against Saskatchewan on Sunday and hand them a good beating.

He didn't need to challenge whether it was a catch or not. All turnovers are reviewed. Apparently, the Command Centre official determined that the call on the field of a catch would stand. Not sure if that was because he confirmed it was a catch or there was insufficient evidence to overturn the call.

But for some reason, pass intereference isn't considered when reviewing turnover, just the turnover itself. Which is why Austin had to use one of his challenges to get them to review that aspect of the play. Had they scored on the play, the pass interference aspect would have been considered, or at least should have been, as all reviewable aspects of the entire play are supposed to be reviewed on scoring plays.

This post is similar to, if not the same, as one which first appeared post game Sunday in the, since removed, Austin/Masoli thread. It led to, what I thought was, an interesting exchange among a few of us, including Cooler51, on your comment about Coach Austin’s 3rd quarter challenge. Was that part of the removed thread shifted into another thread, which still exists, or did it all go into the trash with its other posts on the misleading title of that thread? I was hoping to learn more about the rules regarding coaches’ challenges which, to me, are far from clear in the rule book.

Pretty sure that even on a score, Austin would have had to challenge the PI part of it himself.

And from the replay I saw, there's no doubt the Als' DB caught the ball.

How soon people forget it was Austin that took the team to the grey cup, which has not been done in what 13 years! MMMM, makes sense to fire him to me "NOT" People are unbelievable and funny how they want him fired now! What do you want him do to, catch the ball for the recovers, but on the pads for a 1 and short, no wait how about place him on the O line. Come on people seriously. I wonder if these people will still feel the same when we are ONCE AGAIN playing in the Grey Cup this year! Something tell be the band wagon will be full once again at the end of the regular season! GO CATS GO! :rockin: :rockin:

This was George Cortez Team that Went to Grey cup
Most of Players where players pick by Obie and Cortez
with Few added By Austin
Austin Got lucky he 1st year
Lightning in Bottle never comes twice .

He then blew it up and got rid players that where heart of this Team


Now we got this Garbage Austin is Better Coach then Personal guy
The Cats gave up too much power to 1 Man
Vice President of Football Operations, General Manager and Head Coach
No one in a Football Team should have this much power Other then the Owner Mr Young .

forget about getting him fired He painted the cats into Corner
They gave Austin a Golden Ticket .
He’ll have to resign for the nightmare to end.
That what happen this year
Pray he quits in off-season and go back to NCAA
The Cats Can’t afford to fire him

Austin is in year two of his re-building program. That means new young players. We have a darned good new QB, a stable of good receivers and a defence which is coming together quite well.
So in the next couple of years we should expect to see a much more experienced team instead of what we are seeing this season .......rookie mistakes and penalties. I hope we also see a good running game by then too.
So...any talk of firing Austin is nuts. He needs time. If things don't improve by next season then we should become very worried.
We are fortunate (from a Tiger-Cat point of view only) to be in a weak Division where our mistakes and shortcomings could still get us into the playoffs this season.

Dumb thread, original fire the coach he fumbled the ball, he threw the interception, he got all those penalties so lets fire him! That was sarcasim if you wanted to know. Look he did the right thing bringing on the younger players, what happened Sunday is anybody’s guess but with a young team comes weird and wild things. This is a good team with bad habits that needs polishing and Kent Austin is the guy to do it. Orlando Steinhauer has done a great job with the defense if there is a weak spot in this staff it is definitely the Offensive Co-Ordinator. Condell has called some very stupid unorthodox plays and last Sunday was a perfect example of those mistakes. Do we fire him , no he has to learn this is Canadian ball and the field is 15 yards wider than the States and Miles longer. Considering we have two very good young QB’s I am happy with most of the team except for a couple of rushing ends, One last comment it is time to start sitting out repeat penalty offenders no matter who it is or how good he is. If you can’t play with the team as a team player then we do not need them no matter who it is!!!

If I am making a point that Austin was a poor hire and that he needs to be shown the door, a la Cortez, Taffe, Marshall, etc., I would NOT be using his treatment of Henry Burris - whom I respect for his career and his character - as one of the reasons for firing him.

Burris has shown, in at least seven of the ten RB games, that he is LONG past his due date. He cannot play in this league anymore, UNLESS he is with the best team, with the best put it another way, he can no longer make chicken salad out of chicken sh!te...which he did here under Cortez (it wasn't GREAT chicken salad, but he managed).

As to the unending, oft-stated argument that he should have been kept around to back-up...HE DIDN'T WANT TO!!!! He is massively overpaid, and people in Ottawa are already starting to whisper about Desjardin and the mistake he made bringing him in, and paying him, to win now, and getting NOTHING for his inflated salary.

You can reasonably argue that Kent has made some mistakes...who hasn't? But losing an old, past-his-prime, overpaid, good-guy QB is NOT one of them.

Hamilton and Burris is a case where both parties need each other. Hamilton needs a veteran to direct the offence; Burris needs a real team, not an expansion team. I doubt any QB in the league would be doing any better than Burris, given what he has (or doesn't have) to work with in Ottawa.

Tom/RoboFan ... We all know you dislike Austin ... We get it. But don't go making things up in an effort to prove your point & please try to be accurate.

Game Day Roster for The 101st Grey Cup versus Saskatchewan in 2013.

46 players listed on the active roster.
25 of them were in their first year with Hamilton.
That's 54.35%.
That's more than half that were brought in by Austin.

So, once again you're wrong as usual when you say that "Most of Players where players pick by Obie and Cortez". Reality is that most were brought in by Austin.

And it's "were"', not "where".

Now I've taught you two things today. Those are free. Next one will cost you!

This. Caveat: Collaros has looked pretty good the past two games. The remainder of the season and (ahem) playoffs are another matter altogether where nothing can replace veteran experience.

As for the "Burris can't play anymore" stuff, imagine what that offence would look like without him.

You should learn that arrogance is off-putting. Now you’ve learned something today too.

LOL!!!!! You beat me to the punch Fender,I was just about to post this exact same fact about how the roster was blown up by Austin last year,and the fact that more than 50% of the roster were(not where)indeed Austin signings.As a matter of fact since Austin arrived on the scene he has jettisoned pretty much the majority of the remnants from the Cortez and Obie regime.As of this post there are only 7 players left on the active roster and 6 on IR that were on that Cortez team in 2012.

Already knew that but thanks anyways.