Fire Austin!

I would never fire Austin, the guy just finds a way to win. Sure, it's a shaky start but Austin will get us out of this hole. His whole career has exemplified what he can do. He will turn it around.

Aside from not running the ball often enough, i'd agree that austin is the man for the job.

did we already forget how he schemed us a way to the cup last year?

Just ignore his college coaching record right?

dawg: No comparison at all. A successful college coach means nothing in the pro leagues.

He has taken two teams to the Grey Cup including the Tiger-Cats where he cobbled together a team from another disastrous start last year.
Can't you see that Austin is a winner? He'll do it again. I feel good about the guy.
This thread ought to be locked to prevent any more of this ridiculous coach bashing.

Kent has done pretty good as a coach, and a player in the cfl. History proves that so wanting to get rid of him for an 0-3 start is ridiculous. I believe he'll turn this team around.

As much as I admire Austin, the one thing he hasn't proven yet is his staying power. Grey Cup as OC in Toronto in 2004, fired the following year. Grey Cup in 2007, left for college coaching where his teams got worse, not better, as the years went by. Grey Cup appearance with Hamilton last year, and this year ... the ball's in your court, Kent.

I can tell you after Burris whips our ass down at Mac people will be for sure asking For Mr Austin’s head on a silver platter , way too many changes that this HC has made for a team that went all the way last year :thdn:


Have you seen Burris the past two years? especially this year? He had ONE good half in the first game, and has been Bad Hank ever since...

He's five years past his due date...he could be playing the Tim Horton's Tiger-Cats on Saturday, and I'd still bet against him...and he'd still be afraid to run.

I didn't bash him ... i just pointed out an inaccurate statement

In the past 10 years there has been too many demands from fans on this site to " fire the Coach/the QB". This has not worked. You now have a really good coach who, brought you to the Grey Cup last season. You now have a young QB who has demonstrated competence last season. He has the basic skills, be patient ( for a change ) with him. You also have an owner who has financed this team very adequately. Now if you guys would apprecriate all these talents and, set aside your impatience, you will eventually have a winner with these guys, if you will stick with and, support them.

Yes, I should have been more specific.

Based on Austin's proven track record in the CFL, I believe he will get this team back on track.

We lose tonight and fans will be Crying for his head, tune in to 900 am the Fifth qtr win or lose :o

No it too soon for that if they lose the next 3 Including Labour day Fans will Want Blood .
Especially if the lose labour day

8) Tonights game is almost a must win for the Cats, because if they go 0-4, I don't see them beating Winnipeg, 5 days
  later !!  Going 0-5 would be ...... <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

It would be nice to win tonight - but it is nowhere near a 'must' win. Not when every other team in their division has only won one game so far. At worst after the weekend they will only be two games out of a play-off spot with 14 games still to play after tonight.

Scott Radley on CHML said earlier this week that Ticats will be in the Grey Cup game again this year even if they go 4 and 14 in the won loss column. This is because the entire eastern conference is poor and under performing. So far, I tend to agree with Scott.He feels that Ottawa will eventually succumb to injuries and because of their lack of depth, will start their slide soon. At the moment however, they are a very healthy football team. Montreal and Toronto simply show a lack of talent with few exceptions. We'll see. Kent Austin could still come off as a hero despite a lousy season butg in no way will his team win a Grey Cup. Oh well, getting there is half the fun. :smiley:

0-7 would be Biggest nightmare and then lose to Argos Labour day

So many fans would be mad

I’ve seen years where we win 1 game and long as it Labour day Where good

Lose Labour day and Ticat Fans get Angry .

Well 1 win down lets see if they can win 2 in a row .

this team is a dumpster fire on and off the field.
No control ... austin going crazy on the field. try to lead by example.