Fire Austin!

Banks had me worried after fumbling around a couple of his punt receptions. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's back there,
especially with his speed and moves, but I'd like to see him protect the ball a little more.

This team needs a lot of work yet and this is where coaching comes into play.

QBs make the CFL tick.
Our starting QB was not good.
Dan Lef instantly made the Cats dangerous. Austin IMO made a mistake playing his starter too long.
The game was there for the taking and another 2 points are lost.
All things considered coming down to the wire on the road in Calgary with your 2nd and 3rd string QBs in there is a solid result.

WoW the piling on has started. Fire Austin, Cut Masoli.
All things considered the opposing QB Mitchel had 205 yards passing but at 20 for 35 passing was not all that great and he is their starter.
CJ Gable the starting RB could not do anything. 8 rushes for 6 yards is terrible. Not being able to run the ball at all will hurt any QB.
Hamilton will need to do something about the run game. Even last season the rushing game had to be supplemented by the Lefevour wildcat package and even the one game Masoli running package.
Masoli may not be a star QB in the CFL but the fact that Hamilton had based their game plan to establish the run to help the passing game started with terrible first down runs leaving Hamilton in a lot of 2nd and long situations.
The dysfuntional running game in Regina has caused Durant to struggle in the second half vs Calgary as well.

Ricky Ray had a very unlike performance with a 21 for 37 performance against Ottawa. Burris has barley goten the offense moving in Ottawa. Both Reilly and Willy who both have started the year strong struggled Thur night for most of the game.

I would prefer to give the defenses in the league the credit opposed to piling on the QBs and the offenses.
mostly all of the defenses have been much better than the offenses lately. Looking at the scores and lack of TD production across the board for offenses.

I like what I see so far. We came within a yard of beating the best team in the league and kept a red hot offence quiet in their own building. Pretty good for a hurtin' young team!

:thup: :thup:

Just a gentle reminder that we have 5 or 6 OL players on either the 1 or 6 game IR - most of them starters or projected starters (Filer e.g.) The O line has improved since week 1 with a few shifts in personnel but it takes some time playing together, which this particular group hasn't had, before the line builds chemistry and is the most effective.

While a QBs coach is a good idea, I don't really see Austin giving up control over his pivots when he has a set way that he wants them to develop. Maybe an assistant could help with the responsibility.

I agree about the Oline. Although they still need someone to step up at LT for sure, Wojt was also out for the Calgary game. missing Dyakowski is bad enough but both starting OGs is hard to replace

There is no possibility of Kent Austin being fired based on the first three games of a season following a Grey Cup appearance. End of thread, essentially.

Oski Wee Wee,


Awesome post.

Every team is struggling in one way or another and injuries will always play its part. the GM Austin has brought in some defensive studs and Hamilton put the clamps on a Calgary offense who has rolled through this and the last couple of seasons. So slow the wagons down

One other thing to add even after suggesting the thread is DOA: there is simply too much contract money tied up in Kent Austin's dual GM-coach deal for Bob Young to nuke it after 21 regular season games. Really. Charlie Taaffe got 28 games and there was ZERO indication that the team was going to turn a corner given it being roadkill in a gutter performance-wise. Assuming Austin is making in the vicinity of 400-500K per year in the dual role, that's $1.75 million-ish remaining if it's a five-year deal. You can't be bleeding that out when you are still playing in 12,000-seat temporary stadia. We are not dealing with an owner who makes changes for a headline or to fulfil a whim.

Oski Wee Wee,


You might want to send him to Montreal.

Has Masoli been cut yet

True. That would be like firing Al Bruno because of a slow start in 1990, after coming one play short of a Grey Cup win in 1989 (not to mention 4 Grey Cup appearances in the previous 6 years).

Well said.

Not only that, Kent Austin is a good coach and an experienced one. He is rebuilding the team. He has a mandate to do that. He's going about his business. I think the chance he'll be fired this year are zero. Same thing next year. As it should be.

If he does his job well, we'll be good contenders consistently, and the chance of him being fired then are also very low.

Why not just sign all old miss alumni :stuck_out_tongue:

Forget about all the talented Nationals who play QB :roll:

There seem to be a lot of posts suggesting that we shouldn't have made so many changes in the off season, most notably at QB. Those posts seem to be grounded in the fact that we made it to the Grey Cup game and are now 0-3 to start the new season with an offence that clearly struggles.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but I would say it's far too early to even think you might be right. A few thoughts:

  • although we went 12-9 (10-8 + 2-1) overall we were 2-7 against the West division last year so the gap between us and the West teams really hasn't gotten worse
  • we haven't played a home game yet this year and home teams are 11-5 overall so far this season
  • our new #1 QB has played behind a patchwork collection of Olinmen and has yet to have our 2 best receivers on the field with him

So maybe, just maybe, we're still going to be a better team than we were last year once we get healthy, get home, and get to play the East

I agree that although they did go to the Grey Cup last year moving forward Burris was not the answer to get a Grey Cup victory. The pains of having a young and/or new QB stable are going to happen. For the organization as a whole Austin is and will continue to do a great job in building towards a consistent contender each year from here on out. It has been a long time since Hamilton has had that. The only thing Consistent or the cats over recent history has been a mass of coaching turnover.

If you look at the roster it is very obvious that he has really improved the overall talent across the board. The Canadian talent is among the best in the CFL and he has only had one draft in which to do this. Identifying the players who were drafted by others and making trades he has been able to fill the roster with young Canadian Talent. Through Free Agency with him as coach along with the new stadium hamilton has been able to acquire Canadian type All Stars that are in their prime.

He has been able to bring in among the best new import talent in the league through three of the major sources. NFL Norwood and Murray. Arena Football Breaux and Ellingson. NCAA Davis and Tasker. to name a few. Not to mention the CFL veteran imports acquired.

All this in just over a year.
Once they are settled into their new home he will be in Hamilton for a long long time.

I like Austin and all that stuff, but I am becoming very tired of every year the poor performance being blamed upon injuries or rebuilding. This year I am VERY down in the dumps with this team and am starting to find it hard to cheer for them, but like the Leaf fans of the 80s I will likely continue to do so (after all I just spent $$ on Ti-cat fan stuff).

When are we going to be the team that everyone fears to play, to say "we have a tough road ahead of us". The Lions and Stamps have been tough winning teams for over a decade now, and us, well.... I want our team to strike fear into the opposition for years on end and not be in the rebuilding mode and using that and injuries for excuses. It is football, injuries are going to occur and that is why you need GOOD scouts who can find you depth players to fill in and do the job, not just fill a slot.

BTW - I don't count last years run to the Grey Cup as us being good, only that the other teams messed up when it counted most and we got lucky, the GC showed our real team ability.

Ok, let the bashing begin.

This is KAs second year here. Last year he had to install a new offence and defense so there was bound to be some slowness out of the gate. What concerns me now is the second slow start with a year under his belt and a bulk of the roster returning.

They really should have hit the ground running and I blame Austin for that. He is the Head Coach and GM so his feet will be at the fire.