Fire Austin!

You can blame the holder, kicker, bad QBing but the really issue is the bad decisions were made in the off-season by KA.
You have the #1 passing attack for 2 yrs in a roll and you get rid of the QB, for three unproven rookies Qbs just to get younger and your massive overconfidence in your offensive system.

Kent your a joke!

Ha ha. Someone had to start this thread eventually, why not before the first home game of the season even takes place? :roll:

Kent is calling US colleges as we speak. Or his wife probably is anyway :smiley:

KA can take some of the blame but not many players did their jobs either. Not one player stood out. They didn't seem to have their heads in the game. That botched fieldgoal attempt summed up the whole game. Unfocused and poor execution.

Can't blame the refs for this one.

An Argo-Cat fan

Qman, I hope you're joking. When this team gets healthy not only will they be the youngest team in the League, they will be the most talented. They have subtly improved each week (like last year). Kent Austin is building a team that will win now and in the future. I'm sure Carl Voyles didn't enjoy immediate success and yet he was able to establish a winning tradition which continued throughout the remaining 50's and into the 60's. If you're not joking, give your head a shake

Once the team gets healthy and moves into THF, they will be a great team. Kent Austin will have taken care of the personnel deficiencies by then.

Austin? QBs? Injuries? Stadium delays?

I blame the fans. Fire them.

FIRE Qman ! for one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard :roll:
I kick my self every time for coming on these forums, but it's like a car accident :lol:

For everyone's safety, don't feed the trolls...

Kent is one of the best things to come to the Ticats in many many years.
Qman are you trolling or is this your idea of a late April fools joke?

Mental errors hurt our team against Calgary. Among them, the most critical were in the final couple of minutes:

-A botched field goal attempt due to Tasker not setting the ball up for Medlock to kick.
-Too many men on the field with seconds remaining in the game.
-Formation with no end in dying seconds resulting in penalty.
-Bank's ill advised run out of the end zone resulting in lousy field position for Ticats on their own 5 yd line.
-Continued "O" line miscues, particularly the sack they allowed with 19 secs remaining.

I don't blame Kent Austin for these. This is a simple example of lack of concentration by the players.

I thought they played Calgary tough on their own field, but mental errors were the real opponent last night.

Masoli still needs a lot of work and confidence building. I'm sure he'll eventually find a way to stop over throwing
his receivers.

Banks made the right decision to run the ball out.
The Cats could have killed the clock.(38sec.)
They were going to concede a safety for no reason, realized the error and wasted a time out.
You are only allowed to use 1 timeout inside the last 3 min of the second half, but,
Having 2 timeouts for the second half may have helped our rookie QB's,
This was NOT an error by Banks( who was fantastic on returns BTW)
This was a coaching error and IMHO a pretty big one!

I would fire the Condell, OC. Poor play calling. Why not try some screens to Gable or pitches to the outside...he's clearly not a great inside RB. Yes, he can block...Austin seems to have a man crush on him. I would have hung on to Chevon Walker. Remember last year in what I believe was the last game of the season? He had a terrific game and didn't play after that.
And don't get me started on the QBs...we at least knew what we had in Burris...almost 5,000 yards passing! Time will tell what Collaros or Masoli will accomplish, but it was a risk(at least for the short term).

While i agree this is a massive mistake, i think they were going to punt the ball with a couple seconds on the clock until KA realized Calgary wasnt going to burn one of their time outs.
IMO Huff made the mistake, in a close game calling a time out would have almost guarenteed points (at least 2) and he let us off the hook. Both coaches completely botched that situation, but the media wont talk about it because its the CFL.

I agree Crash. I couldn't believe Calgary did not use a time out there. No reason not to. Cost them one, two or three points depending on what the Cats decided to do after a Stamps timeout.

Great D. O obviously needs work. Return game with Banks was better last night, punting was OK - over 41 yard average and I think 3 times out of bounds inside the 20.

As for the botched hold I've always wondered if having a left footed kicker makes any difference at all. Lets face it - if somebody has been the holder through high school at college etc - odds are they were holding for a right footed kicker and everything would be reversed with a left footed kicker. Not excusing Tasker at all - but just saying that thought had jumped into my mind previously when watching Medlock kick.

No way, austin's a good coach and GM we have a young team and he's been trying to shape this team from the ground up not an easy task, one thing for sure is he has to look at a new QB to replace Colaro's not sure how long he is out for but could be a few games when dealing with a concussion, maybe not ready or cleared to play until Labor Day?

Maybe next game at Mac against Ottawa give McGee a shot, Ottawa will be expecting Masoli or LeFevour lets give McGee a shot and see what he can do, look the QB spot in Hamilton as far as I'm concerned is up for grabs anyway, No QB including Colaro's has demonstrated any ability to control the offence yet, so give everyone the shot and who ever does stay with them, this post should be about the QB job being up for grabs instead of Austin's coaching job??

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers rolled into one couldn't QB this team with our offensive line.

Gable can't run because we can't block.

Did you watch Burris last night?

In Austin We Trust!!!

No way, I am well behind Autsin on this one. Our play calling was solid, they didn't abandon the run which kept the Stamps D. honest and the defensive play was solid. There were simply too many bad throws, pressured throws and filled up running gaps that fall on the O.Line.

The ones I would be looking at getting the axe are Allen Rudolph (Offensive Line Coach), Corey Grant (Running Backs and Offensive Quality Control Coach) and Tommy Condell (Offensive Coordinator and Receivers Coach). They've had 4 weeks to improve the Offensive Line, including a bye week and have barely made any progress on that front.

However one consideration the team might want to make, especially given we have a three young QB tandem is a Quarterbacks coach. Yes, I know Austin was a former QB, but he's got enough on his plate as a head coach and a team manager.

Of course, I having some fun and just trying to generate discussion on the worst personnel moves of the off-season.
It was a few years too early to get rid of Burris. At least find someone that wins the job away away from him, instead throwing him out like trash then "crowning" some guy who's started 5 pro games.

Hard to argue with that.