Fire Austin NOW!!!!

After watching the last 2 argo games.
The Argos have to fire Kent Austin.
Our offence is not stepping up.
I blame it all on Austin.
Like I said before.Once a rider,always a rider.
He was a overrated Q.B. Now he showing how bad of a Offensive coach he is.
Fire him,RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
3 more days!!!

The Argo passing game is good, all they need is a good O-line to help out Avery, and establish a good ground game.

Ya lets fire Austin and see if Pinball ever actually calls a play

ro1313 you would have better plays than Austin.
You would try for the Argos to lose,and still have better plays.

Why all the Austin hate? You guys just mopped up Ottawa last night and you're comfortably in first place in the East, ahead of my Als by four points. You have an array of stellar receivers for Allen -- Baker, Bruce, Miles and Talbot. Avery is finding his form at last. Sean Millington, whom I thought was making a huge mistake returning to football at age 37, is actually providing you with a power running game up the middle. Your defense is as good as it ever was and you've got the best kick-return 1-2 punch in the league in Levingston and Bruce. Your O-line is a bit of an issue but that's hardly Austin's fault. And you want to fire him NOW, with the playoffs looming? That's absurd.

I wanted him fired at the start of last season.
Our offence is not all that good, for all the talent we have.He is the first to go.
You can have him back!!!

you do have talent in to . reminds me of 01 bombers. but maybe that is just bruce

we want Bruce BACK....we got ripped on the that deal....pretty well had a star player taken from under our nose AND DON'T HAVE A DAMNED THING TO SHOW FOR IT.....Arland should have been re-signed by Taman but he was sleeping or he didn't want to pay him as much as TO.....IF money was the case then the Bomber problems are deeper than we thought and just changing the GM. ain't enough.... :shock:

That was the first ARGO game that the ARGOS had a running game.

I’m with you 100%.He is the worst co-ordinater in the league.3 quarterback sneaks in a row against Sask.C’mon.With the talent he has,this offence should be unstoppable instead,they rely on the defence and special teams to get them good field position.Long drives are virtually non-existant.His play calling is a joke.

That’s hardly Austin’s fault. John Avery needs a three foot wide hole to be able to break a decent run.

It’s only normal that each team has its strenghts and its weaknesses. The goal is to have as litlle weaknesses as possible. Right now, the Argos have a lot of strenghts. But weaknesses still exist and its not always the coaches’ fault.

If your o-line can’t open holes, and your runner can’t punch through defenders, one of them has to be changed, because they don’t fit together. John Avery would probably do good behind Saskatchewan or Montreal’s o-lines. Troy Davis and Josh Ranek would probably do good with your o-line. But the two of them aren’t fitting, that’s for sure.

C'mon guys you are the defending Grey Cup Champs with Austin. Do you want to have the Ottawa situation instead?

Austin must go.
Yes we need better o-lineman.
However play selection is the pitts!!!

C'mon. Austin is probably the smartest offensive mind in the league. All the argos need is guys that wanna play under his system. For petes sake, they won the Grey Cup last year. He calls the right plays for certain situations, if only they were excecuted properly they would all work out.

Only rider fans think Austin is good.
He was never a good qb in my eyes.
One lucky year,that is all he has.
In riders eyes he was a god.In Argo eyes,he is just a bum.
Like I said before.Once a Rider,always a rider.
2 more days.

2 more days for what ? Oh, yes, that's when saskargo will finally start making sense on her posts. ( then again, probably not)

Your right you can't handle the truth!!!

what ?

I was talking football.
You said I didn't make sence.
Just because you don't agree with what I say.It doesn't mean that I don't make sence.
I tell the truth.
You can't handle the truth.

okay, okay, you are right. Don't get your panties in a knot. (whew)