Fire at THF

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Small fire in the mechanical room on the upper west side.. Looks to be minor damage. Let's hope this doesn't affect the game on Monday..

8) The fire occurred in the HVAC mechanical room, which supplies the A/C to the Private Suites and Club Lounges.
   Both of those areas are not open for this game anyway.  They estimate about $25,000 in damages.
   They are reporting that the fire will not impact the inspections currently being done !!

Argo fans setting fires. A new low.

All the more reason to kick some Argo butts on Monday. :slight_smile:


Or sabotage by West Harbour folks (fanatics)

Drummer_God must be really worried that the stadium will be open on Monday... :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't be a douche.

Drums Ablaze !!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: spontaneous combustion ???? God Help us all !!!!

Sunnva! Well looks like it will be the Rogers Centre. This "little" fire is going to now call into question every bit of electrical wiring in the stadium, and is likely going to delay the progress of the inspections.

There saying it 's still a go LOL Big Mistake
Frankly I starting to feel the place is Cursed
So this there idea of safe what if Fire had happened during the game with 1 exit . :roll:
this is why I said play it at rogers Center .

What if the SKY FALLS :roll:

99% of the people at the game would not have even noticed if there was a small fire in the HVAC room. And there are multiple exits, thanks to the work of the architects and engineers who plan for any sort of emergency. :roll:

I think you and mstigercats should really get together and watch the game on Monday - you seem like you would really enjoy each others’ company.

Go away dude. Just go away. You are one of the most annoying posters on this board. Your punctuation and grammar are all over the place, which makes reading your stupid negative posts even harder.

The stadium is not cursed. Stuff happens. You would probably love the game to be played at rogers, just to prove a point. It's not going to happen, give it up.

No sense of humour = Doosh.

Let me splain it two u Ives Robo graduated from kender gerten and tought that was the onli edukation he needed have some pashense wit him.

Not to worry our season tickets are so close, I am sure I will be handing Robofan209 many beers over the next few years.

As for Monday's game will won't be close since our section is closed.

Top Cat and everyone else who problem with my Writing
I got a Traumatic brain injury at age of 20 from Car Wreck
I also Suffer from PTSD as well
so now had fun at my Expense can we get back on Topic.

Tom, as someone who has never attacked you, and who shared a tryout for Pigskin with you, and who will even be close to you in the new stadium when we are in our regular seats, may I suggest that you try and chill a little. Curses don't exist, the stadium will be passed (or not) by competent inspectors, and whether or not it is what we wanted - it is what we have. Let's just make the best of it, my friend.