Fire And Ice: Bethel-Thompson touches down at GC109

REGINA — McLeod Bethel-Thompson opened his Grey Cup week with an apology while unapologetically being himself.

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Sorry, after seeing MBT having a temper tantrum on the sidelines during the Eastern Final, I have lost all respect for the guy. Yelling and pushing his coach should have resulted in him being benched! Then he might have become a good QB.


Dinwiddie is pretty much backed into a corner at this point with no good options. He should have done this after the yelling match back in Vancouver at the start of the season. I'm an equal rights guy. If MBT can abuse his coach, everybody should have that right, & where does that lead? Dinwiddie made a big mistake by letting it slide once.

Agreed. I can not believe that his man has gotten away with showing such disrespect towards the coaching staff. I understand being frustrated if the coach makes a call that is not to his liking but at the end of the day, the coach is the boss, not MBT.

MBT's behaviour on the sidelines more resembles that of a spoiled child having a temper tantrum because he is not getting his own way, than a mature adult and professional athlete.

One day, he is going to shove the wrong coach who will knock him on his arse for being a brat.