Fire all the fans

In my lifetime, the Ti-Cats have won exactly 2 Grey Cups.
2 in 47 attempts.
I think I am the problem and should be fired. Along with every other fan of the team. We are obviously not pulling our weight.


I don't want to be fired.

But I wouldn't mind a temporary layoff until the main shareholders properly re-structure the company.


I don't know Krisiun.

Multiple owners. Multiple coaches. Multiple Players.
And we still only throw for 3 yards when we need 10.
I think we, the fans, are the only constant here.


Well from what I've been told there are 4 distinct groups of fans:

  1. REAL Fans
  2. Fairweather Fans
  3. Cheerleaders
  4. Negative Nellies

I'm just sitting here trying to figure out which of these groups should be held the most accountable for the team's problems. :sunglasses:


Wait a minute, wait a minute... Hold the phone... there's something not right with this situation. Are you saying that you don't KNOW Krisiun?


I don't know Maaax

he might have never met him .

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Yeah I don't have much of an online presence. Maybe I should create a FAKE Krisiun Twitter account to increase my brand.

Oh wait. Somebody already did that for me. :sunglasses:


There’s only one, real Krisiun (well, other than the death metal group), and he’s here posting on this forum.


So I always thought that # 1 and # 3 were one and the same and # 2 and # 4 were as well the same on these forums. So what you're telling me then is that REAL Fans are different than Cheerleaders and Fairweather Fans aren't really Negative Nellies .

Wow....who knew ? I guess that old saying is true... you do learn something new everyday .

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I don’t get what a ‘cheerleader’ is. Someone who gets pad by the Ticats to be a vocal supporter, but really they couldn’t give a hoot? Or someone who is a fan through thick and thin (which, in that case, would be a #1 no?)….help, I’m old and confused….

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You are Red and White,
You could never understand unless you were Black and Gold! :upside_down_face:


If I am getting fired am I entitled to 59 years severance?
Although to be fair I wasn't much of a fan until I was 10


The only real fans I know spin around in circles and blow hot air (and are tethered to an outlet)…. :cowboy_hat_face:


That would be how the GM is thinking about now

If the fans get fired, they may end up a-hole fans.

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Yes CC, you are correct.

Some people are already aware that a couple of months ago my Krisiun Profile and Avatar that I use on the Ti-Cat forum was stolen. That person then created a fake twitter account in an attempt to impersonate me.

Unfortunately in an attempt to destroy my online-persona they used my fake profile to troll our QB Dane Evans and also Dane's Dad Coach E.

I have been in contact with Coach Evans and he has been made aware of this. It is my understanding that this was one of the contributing factors to Dane quitting his social media activity. I find that truly disheartening.

The person who created the fake account is well known and I have ample hard evidence. However I will not reveal their name. I only wish for the stalking and harassment to stop and I ask this person to please do the right thing. There is too much collateral damage occurring. It was not fair to Dane and his father to go through this crap because a couple of fans on a message board disagree about whether Tommy Condell should be fired. If this person is willing to reach out to me I'm sure we can come to some sort of a truce. Ultimately all of us on here are "Real Fans" and we all want the best for out Tiger-Cats even if we can't agree on how to get there.

Many people are aware of what is going on but to those who do not please disregard this fake twitter account.

As ClosetCat pointed out there is only ONE Krisiun and I only ever post on the CFL Forums.

Thanks to everyone for their support.


There are some batshit crazies around us out there!
That just absolutely sucks!


It's probably a good outcome any time players stay off social media. Too often there is more harm than good that can come of it.

I would say the same about these chatboards for anyone who finds themselves repeatedly enraged by what others are saying, or when other anonymous posters disagree with them.

(As an obvious example, if you can't stand it when people openly cheer for the Tiger-Cats, you might consider avoiding Tiger-Cat fan sites.)

Of course, it's a free country.


I would say without a doubt, as a whole Hamilton fans are the most passionate fans in the east.
And near tops in the league.
Certainly in my postgame experiences, the most fun to party with.


Thank you Paul. I’m sure we, who post here, appreciate your words. :+1: