Finnish Maple League Football 2023

I don't think I've ever watched a game from this league, but maybe I'll try this year now that a USports grad is playing QB for the Roosters.

Their season starts in May, I believe.


Would be nice if they played CFL rules.

I've thought for a while that if the CFL fell apart and the big cities join an American organization that the Maple league would be a good potential successor for a Canadian league geared to the smaller cities left behind.

Maybe Sinodinos can convince them to add a few Canadian rules. Any league would be better off with the waggle, the rouge, no fair catch, etc. I don't think any league is going to suddenly change their field dimensions and drop the 4th down.

I agree "Maple League" has a nice ring to it. Maybe we could get our various senior leagues (MFL, LFS12, NFC, AFL) to unite under a name like that.

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Roosters sign another Canadian, former McGill teammate to their Canadian QB:

Sounds like an exciting opportunity for Dumay. Hope he does well and enjoys his time abroad.