Finland & Sweden Ban Players

Sweden moves to ban Swedish born players who elected to play in the KHL
Ultimate deplatforming over political values

Also any players who do play in KHL will be ineligible for IIHF world championship or national Swedish team

Finland of course is following Sweden



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Politicizing their sport. Just blackballing guys who are trying to make a career out of a very tough industry.

Nobody minds going to the Olympics in China, the nation with perhaps the worst human rights record in the world.

Why do we not ban anyone from playing in the USA after what they've done to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 20 years? It's basically the same thing that Russia is doing to Ukraine now.


The Swedes and Finns have a domestic hockey league to play and earn a living. Hell even the team sponsor provides employment and perks like use of a car, cell phone, apartment, etc. They will be fine.

The Jokreit Hockey team(sic) left the KHL. There was no uproar about that.

Can't blame the Swedes and Finns when Russia is looking to annex them on their plan of World Domination. They are drawing a line to protect themselves


There are only so many jobs available. Will they expand the rosters to include the extra guys not allowed to play in Russia?

The sponsors can invent jobs for it's players like lightbulb changer, lunchroom attendant.

The extra guys are out of luck if they don't sign with a Swedish team. That's on them if they don't. I guess they get a job at IKEA