Finish this sentence

My 2024 CFL football team will…

…be fun to watch.


…be playing in it’s 5th consecutive Grey Cup.


…go 5 - 0 vs the Bombers including pre and post season.

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I’ll forgive you the error (should be its – the possessive has no apostrophe) while agreeing with your sentiment.

I look at the whole league and I find it hard to see how Winnipeg doesn’t play in its fifth straight GC in 2024.


I hope that this is the case for every team!


win a few and lose a few

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My initial response I guess was kind of lame. All teams will be fun to watch at times - stressful to watch at other times. So here’s a do over:

…be dominant defensively.

….start the first third of the season 2-4.

I actually liked your first response. It is nice for fans to believe that their team can win any game (not that they will but that they can). If that is the case the football is fun to watch. There have been more years than I care to count that the Riders were not fun to watch consistently.

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Will finish at 8-10 …because basically that seems to be their benchmark .

As usual might make the Cup…BUT they won’t win it because for some reason they don’t like winning it they just like getting the participation ribbon and trophy that goes along with being in it .

Will be relying on a kicker who hasn’t kicked in any true capacity in over 5 years.

Oh joy

be the reborn Shreveport Pirates

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Will win the East and go to the Cup.

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not be Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary or Regina

Win the Cup as long as it isn’t the Argos. Sorry, mean’t to say the CoverUp Argos, my bad.

… hopefully make it to the postseason. :crossed_fingers:

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show off their newest diamond in the rough.

Will finish around the .500 mark and lose the eastern final.

be better than 8-10! Wait, Bo is healthy, lets go 12-6

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