Finish the job

Obie has done a fantastic job this off-season but we still aren't quite there. We're very very close to having everything we need but we still have to apply pressure and keep in pursuit of free agents, etc. We are close to be a great team so let's finish the job with our drafts and a couple more free agent signings. First of all we need 2-3 more OL, then maybe 1 more DL, Try to sign Kevin Glenn, if we do trade/release one of our current QB's, and maybe sign one more WR. We're that close people!!! Please comment.

I'll reserve judgment until I see results.

You have to admit, we've improved from the 2007 season, where our average score would be: oppsing team 53 Ticats:6. In 2008 we did not lose with a score under 10. 10 was the lowest score we had all season that was an improvement. Now the Cats are building on that. Non-believers beware! the true ticats will be back and ull have nuthing to do but choke on your words and then jump on the ticat winning wagon

Can't disagree.. it really does feel like Obie is more serious this year about talent that can produce and not just show promise. We need to start winning this year. Not in the future. Its the CFL and it can and has been turned around that quick many times by many teams. Our own Cats went from 1-17 in 03 to 9-8-1 in 04 and 3-15 in 91 to 11-7 in 92.

Its time for the Cats to finally start getting back to the ways of old. Here's to a great 09!@#

I hear you bro! a true ticat fan, not many of those left.. i salute you.

My dad is the worst Non-believer. he seems to believe that once a player, any player puts on a ticat uniform they're going to instantly turn into a garbage player. How's that for a fan? FYI people! true fans don't ditch their teams in harsh times then return when the glory days are here! True ticat fans stick it out through the good and the bad and that makes a ticat victory so much sweeter. I suggest that if people aren't satisfied with wat we are doing find another team to cheer on.

I don't know if Obie has done a fantastic job. He's done okay. The big question is still the d and o lines. The d line again has a bunch of americans that no one has ever heard of. The o line hopes to get through some injury troubles we had last year.

Another big spot is at running back. Will Keith be back in form after a training camp? Will Caulley respond well after a serious knee injury? Will Tre Smith be able to be better than he was last year? At the end, he didn't play well as a RB? Who will be the FB?

I think that we have the possibility of an 8-10 win season but don't be surprised if we once again are a 3-5 win team.

The secondary and receiving corps look to be in place but after that, it's still a crap shoot. LBs and QBs look good but the big question are the lines.

I would have liked to add more of a veteran presense.

Obie is doing his job. That's what he's hired to do. He's done okay to this point but I wouldn't say fantastic. Just look at the Moreno debacle.

Again, I'll reserve judgment on that one too until Mace signs and plays.

It just may end up being a very good trade. Ya never know.

You have to agree that at that moment, it was a bad deal. We didn't even get a starter or roster player back in return.

Mace isn't going to be a factor for us for at least another year.

He's a free agent right now and will be looking to catch on to someone's training camp roster. he won't get signed now because of the draft and the potential undrafted free agents but he will get looked at just before training camp.

I think that he won't sign with the cats before july. If he is going to miss training camp, then he's not going to have a big impact on the team. I am a firm believer that a player who comes from the NFL systems needs to get a full training camp under his belt in Canada just to understand the game and the plays. I think you will see a big difference in KK this year once he has that training camp.

Everyone is high on Mace. I particularly am not. It make take 3-4 years to make him a bonified starter. I would've like to see Tom Canada here to help us out now. We do have to look for the future and build our roster up with younger guys but I want to win now. I hope that we get Mace and becomes great but I'm not holding my breath.

The Moreno trade was and still is a debacle. We trade an All Star for a draft pick and an NFL practice roster player. I will wait to see who we draft and how well mace might play for us but we honestly could use Zeke or Canada now.

I Still think have long way to go ..
I still see 3 to 6 wins..
There still alot of holes..
where even younger again this year

The Moreno trade has no business being discussed in this thread. The original poster specifically said THIS OFF SEASON. I dont believe that trade occurred THIS OFFSEASON

Another thing I dont get TIger Dirt, is that you said the QBs and LBS looked how big a debacle exactly was the trade?

The acid test is July 2009

Any GM in the CFL would trade an import linebacker for two NI starters. Obviously, thats potential starters but if you look at the Peg trade for Zeke they received just one NI. The trade does have a good shot at being good for Hamilton.

Regardless if we have Zeke or not the Cats weren't going anywhere so you might as well deal him when you can get something to build on.

Additionally, I believe the only way Mace can sign with an NFL team is to be on the 53 man roster. So there is a good chance we wont go to a camp as I dont see there being many teams handing him a roster spot to a practice roster player.

I realize that the poster said the offseason but why are we looking at such a small window. You have to look at his whole body of work. You can't say the moves are fantastic because we haven't played a single game yet. We have signed a few veteran free agents but he could have done more.

Who would you rather have on your team starting, Zeke or Cameron? The trade was a debacle and more people need to realize it. We got possible future help by giving up a proven LB. I'd rather have Zeke than a 3rd overall draft pick and Corey Mace. Look at the Cats drafting success over the period of time and that hasn't been the way we built our team. Mace is a wait and see guy. I think people on this site are putting way too much into Mace. He's not going to come in and blow us away with what he does. If he is great then so be it, we got a good deal but you have to wait and see.

If we got 2 starters back, then the trade would be perfect. Tom Canada would have made the deal okay for me. Potential is the key word in your sentence. The cats were going nowhere last year but he was a guy who could be a building block for the next 5-6 years. We trade that away for a guy who's trying to catch on in the NFL and a draft pick. We can't draft. Trust me, look at who we have drafted in our team's history and we have been terrible.

The trade might be good for us, but at this point we are talking 2-3 years down the road. All I am say is that Zeke was a guy you could build a defense around. Can you do that with Corey Mace? We have to wait and see.

Mace will most likely go to a team for training camp in the NFL.

I honestly hope the trade works out for us, I really do but at this moment, I'd rather have Zeke back. Good import talent is just as valuable as non-import talent.

How is it that the Moreno trade issue seems to make it into every single thread?

Will people still be bitching about it in 5 years? Seems they will.

I'll be in my 90's and I'll still be bitching about Don't blame me for this one. I'm done talking about it on here.

I'm with CK on this one. I'll wait and see.

I think O'Billovich has done okay this offseason, but the results are more what I'm interested. It doesn't make you a fair weather fan to complain and say what he's done wrong, cheesegod. I don't have to agree with you saying what a wonderful job he's done to be a true fan. I buy my tickets and merchandise, I go to all the events and games and I come on here all the time to voice my concerns and appreciation. Does that make me a masochist?? Yes it does, but it also makes me a "true" fan if there is such a thing. :wink:

Obilovich got hosed on the Moreno deal, even if one or both of these prospects turn out the credit needs to go to Cohon who stepped in with his people to save his ar…

Obilivich traded "the"now for" the "future on a 3-15 team . Of course it is not in his favour now .Give it 5 months and i dont think people will be able to be as critical when the draft pick is here backing up learning to start.Building this team for the future will require lots of building blocks.Lets hope we can do a better job of drafting because all of the other teams in the league can draft and start canadians.

Has anyone seriously stopped and thought that maybe just maybe Moreno had problems with people in the organization and hence the deal was done regardless of the Canada outcome.

Seriously though, get over it. It's finished you all have your own opinions, just like those of the back up QB every year.