Fines without penalties

This is really starting to bother me. The league is increasingly fining players, usually defensive ends, for what they deem late hits on the quarterback. Yet in the games themselves, there is usually no penalty on the play. That's messed up. If the action is so bad it should warrant a fine, it also merits a 15-yard penalty. The refs need to step it up.

Also, where's the fine for Adam Braidwood punching Kerry Joseph in the head after he'd thrown the ball? A punch, people?! How is that not roughing the passer?

I think the league is throwing these fines around to make up for missed calls by the refs. It seems like the inmates are running the asylum, the inmates being the refs.

To me, it’s the equivalent of making the perp pay a fine to the city while offering no compensation to the victim of the attack. Absolute garbage. I don’t know what the refs are thinking these days but they’re making mistakes left, right, and centre, and worse, they’re simply not being consistent with their officiating. If you’re going to call late hits on the QB, then CALL EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE OF IT.

Can a coach challenge penalties?

No I think the only challenge for penalties have something to do relating to a clothesline followed by a fumble, but I'm not 100% sure of that. (Maybe 90% sure)

Also players getting fined on missed calls is nothing new. The NFL has done it several times over the season. TV Cameras have a much better angle than the refs. Thats why the armchair refs from Saskatchewan (Not you jm02 or roughy) or Winnepeg (Not you Papa, Blackie and Piggy) are so much better than the on-field ones!

Your right Sporty, I am much better then the ref on the field.


No kidding and it seems like the same town cryers everytime! If your team can not play through adversity I guess they are not very good!

But the rule needs to be modified! A guy can not stop his motion in full flight!

Look, I'm not talking about minute penalties that take several replays to spot. I'm talking a defensive end PUNCHING the quarterback at least a second after the QB has thrown the ball. I'm no ref, but give me the striped shirt and put me on the field and I will throw that flag every single time. I simply don't understand how blatant penalties like that get overlooked.

Some are missed and you would not want to throw flags every play do you not think this would ruin the game! :lol:

You make the correct call on every instance of unnecessary roughness/roughing the passer and the behaviour will stop. Period. Teams will learn that taking a cheap shot at the QB isn't worth it when their dumb penalty keeps the other team's drive alive and eventually leads to a touchdown.

yeah, just call a penalty, no need to fine unless serious injury was caused.

The players aren't morons, they'll stop doing it if they know a flag will be thrown every time. Inconsistancy by the refs is the reason they keep hitting the q.b's helmet to helmet.

Sometimes there are ways of getting around the rules, perhaps the fines are the leagues way of saying, hey it may not be illegal but we are not going to let you get off scott free either.