Fine Tuning

So we have 2 games left that we can use to fine tune for the playoffs.I think if we just cut back a bit on penalties like offside and avoid more turn overs we can do pretty good in the playoffs.What are some of your thoughts for what we can do to prepare for the playoffs,let me hear from you guys the best fans in the CFL. :cowboy:

I would like to see the rest of the secondary get healthy such as Milt Collins, Ryan Hinds and Loyce Means. Put these guys in with Turenne and Webb and we will finally have the all the pieces to the DB puzzle.

Although the Grey Cup is the ultimate goal I would be happy with 10-8 and at least making it past the semi into the final. 2009-2010 were both 9-9 and losses in both semi's as we all horrifyingly know. It's time to improve even if only in the slightest way and they have a good chance with the last 2 games to get 10 wins on the season.

By now the coaches should know what works and what doesn't. The Secondary will continue to be a work in progress right up to the last game. Hopefully some key players come off the IR. This is the CFL - anything can (and this year does) happen.