Fine, Riders agree to two-year extension

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders are ensuring continuity for their quarterback room.

The Riders announced on Tuesday they have signed American quarterback Mason Fine to a two-year contract extension. The pivot was set to become a free agent on February 13 and continues his journey in Saskatchewan alongside presumed starter Trevor Harris.

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Not sure if I like this. He did not light it up in his chances to play. He may continue to improve behind Harris but we will see how he comes out of camp with new coaches. Like all teams, a good number of QBs can go to camp, only a few are selected.


I would have let him walk.
He has shown me nothing.


I’ll contribute to the chorus here. He had some good plays but lacked the consistency and gravatas a QB needs. I was more hoping that they resign JD and then try for either a FA pickup or draft pick.


He’s exciting to watch but didn’t see much improvement when he had his opportunity to play last season.

O’day, let the wrong guy go !!!

I doubt they will sign JD but I certainly hope they do. I think, this year, he would emerge as the clear number 2. It still worries me as to what we will have in the stable if Harris goes down again.

How come? Have you heard news to that effect?

I know nothing more than you do, but I am just reading the tea leaves. The QB stable we had last year did not cut it when Harris went down. I would be surprised to see them maintain the status quo. I thought that both Fine and Dolegala would likely be gone. I thought Jake did better than Mason.
Therefore I can’t see them bringing both back and now that they have hitched their wagon to Mason, I expect Jake to move on.
Not happy about it, but it is what I expect.

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Another example of why ODay should have been let go.

You would? Maintaining the status quo is half the problem with management IMO… That, and scapegoating.
I don’t think bringing back both QBs would be a terrible idea, providing they bring other prospects to camp. But if the plan is to keep just one as you suspect, then like you I think they kept the wrong one.
Dolegala is head and shoulders above Fine… Literally.