Fine for Bruce

Did you all see that Bruce got fined for the Spiderman stunt... Let's not have any fine in football...

what was the stunt?

Im glad ,that was a lame. I think he realized it to. did you see his reaction after on the sidelines I think he felt kinda stupid :oops:

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It woulda kinda almost sorta been cool if it wouldnt have taken him half an hour to put it on only to wear it for a second and a half :smiley:

And I don't even want to know where he pulled that mask out of.

I actually thought it was pretty funny.

i thought the cfl was anti-nfl, i thought they allowed that nonsense, isn’t that what they were marketing to us, “ITS OUR GAME” bs, blah blah blah

The CFL is NOT anti-nfl. Celebrations have their place but if they are pulling out props they deserve the fine.

pulling out props to celebrate, co-ordinated touchdown dances (BOBSLEDDING???), and disrespecting the other team (TO on the Cowboys Star, Flick on the Oskee-wee-wee, ...) have no place in pro football.

In "pro" wrestling? Yes. And you can even have the fabulous Miss Elizabeth in your corner as your manager there. But in pro football there's no need for that stuff to jazz up the game. The game is the product, not the sideshow.

It just makes him look sort of stupid IMHO but personally I don’t care, all I want is my TiCats to do is beat the Argos next time so we can laugh in Bruce’s face. He’s a goof. But an excellent player goof I’ll admit.

Good. Keep the props out of the game, this isn't the XFL.

...she's dead you know...

Exactly, it was no different than cel phones or Sharpies.

Hasn't been much to celebrate in Argoland this year. I suspect Bruce was just "caught up in a web of emotion".

Either way, the fine was warranted.


Most likely a spoof of BC Lions Geroy Simons Superman pose???