Findlay Fan Express

Big thanks to the people at Findlay Law,

I just won two tix to the July game vs winnipeg plus i think a spot on the shuttle to guelph through the Facebook Photo Sweepstakes!

Figured I probably wouldn't win, but why not enter anyway.

AWESOME inbox surprise today.

So..... THANKS AGAIN (and i think they're keeping the contest going...)

here's the winning pic btw :wink:

hope it works

It didn't, but this might.

I certainly hope your wife decides to take you to the game. :wink:

That's Awesome, Congratulations :thup:

Thanks CatsFaninOttawa

(and everybody else :wink:)

Does anyone know if the Limeridge bus experience was better than the Edmonton game?


Everything about the game experience was better, even my beer tasted better :thup: