Finding the Ticats on Vacation

Okay, we're driving through Pennsylvania last night at game time. By the Maryland border I just pick up a faint hint of CHML on the car radio. All of us heard the word "twenty-three" through the static but we had no idea what the word was referring to.

About 15 minutes late we started to hear the occasional sentence. Then we got the Montreal drive that stalled and gave them a field goal putting them down 4. The 'Cats start driving and during the drive some hispanic folk music station just gets stronger and stronger and we know something exciting happened near the goal line but we had no idea what.

From there only the occasional word until - with 3 minutes to go - we hear that Montreal has the ball and has a first down. Then.... NOTHING BUT MUSIC FOR 25 MINUTES.... a killer.

You can imagine the relief when we heard through the noise the first satisfied caller on the fifth quarter.

It kind of reminded me of the nights in the 80's when I used to sit in my car in my driveway in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and try to hear games through the static. No internet then.

What's the worst you've gone through trying to get in a game.

(And I won't mention the time I had to spend 45 minutes in a bar in Sydney, NS trying to convince the bartender that yes, I really DID want to watch the CFL.)