finding the caretaker.

Just FYI, my username on this site is "caretaker". There will be, temporarily, other members who have usernames that appear to be mine. This is simply a result of our not wanting to pre-approve whatever username you might want to use on this site. But we will ask those users to change their names as we see them.

You can also PM me at caretaker. And you can email me at But for most communication it is better, faster, and more fun to simply reply to the things I post in the topic I post it in.

Cheers, Bob.

Bob Young, Caretaker, Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club.

hi bob.

take care. of caretaking. stuff.


The best thing from from the old site lives on.

Bob’s still here!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

And as Caretaker he still gets to bat in the Cleanup Spot. :wink:

I just gotta respect the hell out of this guy!

Can you imagine David Braley having the cojones to get on line and debate/discuss and despair like Bob does?

Good for you, Bob, our "Caretaker"!

Hey JerkFace,

When Mr Young said:

I assume yours wasn't one of the usernames he had in mind. :wink:

No, but if I had chosen the name GeekFaceNerd there might have been issues.

Of course :lol: