Finding meaning in Friday's game

It's come up a few times over the course of this week what a win for the cats (MASOLIAN VINDICATION!!!) or a win for Montreal (FIRE TILLMAN-MITCHELL, JOHNNY RULES WE TRADED THE WRONG GUY)

There's a problem with this apparent dichotomy....

Montreal is terrible. Montreal traded us two of their better players. Montreal's Oline has another moving piece (Rice in for Bomben) since last week (giving up 7? sacks) Manziel has had four practices in that system, and will start with a limited playbook.

The cats should win this game. We're a better team. Our defense looks great, and we've got our resident blue blanket back in Tasker.

If we win this game it should be business as usual, on to next week in Winnipeg. A win means nothing more than a win. (which is still always huge, but this is a team that should be winning games.) We need to win this game.

A Montreal win on the other hand would be a disastrous omen for the rest of our season. A loss to a QB who's had 2 and a half weeks in an offense, 4 practices to get ready and probably running half field zone reads all night would be an absolute travesty. If Manziel pulls some 2013 magic out of his backside and runs around our defense we're in trouble. It doesn't mean we've "lost" this trade per se, but it definitely puts a damper on this season, and throws our playoff chances out of wack. Montreal doesn't need to win this game. We need to win this game.

A lot of you will say it's just Espo being negative again. It's not. I'm expectantly optimistic that we'll win this game (again, because we should.) I hope we tear Johnny Football apart by the laces. (not because it's him, just because he's an opposing QB.)

What I'm trying to say is, we've got a lot more to lose based on the outcome of this game. We need to win this game. Montreal just needs to show their fans some hope, and even if they don't, Manziel's agent has the right way of it. This isn't fricking baseball. A loss by MTL, even a complete and utter dismantling won't be that bad of a thing for them. The CFL is a hard game to master. We need to win this game.

Good news is Ottawa lost. Bad news is Argos won. Depending on how you look at it. Are you aspiring for 1st place or to just to make the playoffs? Ottawa could have been 3 games up on the Cats and somehow, the Argos committed the HUGE upset. Don't ask me how. They never gave up. Down by 24. This opens a door for the Ticats and also proves that there are no easy games in the CFL. Argos did the Cats a favour by upseting the RedBlacks because if they go into Montreal playing their record and not the team on the field, they could be in for a rude awakening. Win this game and 1st in the East is all of a sudden, right back in the conversation. A scenerio that seemed worlds away just under a week ago. Now, this becomes a must win for the Tiger-Cats.

Every game going forward should be considered a must win.

Moreso tomorrow or you fall to last place. Not sure the exact seeding if 3 teams are tied with a 2-5 record after tomorrow. Not sure who would have to sit in the basement. So in order to avoid that, it's a big must win.

well.... we'd be 0-2 against the east at that point so.... it'd be us in "last"

Yeah, that would suck. It would have a doomsday feel to it all week long...

That's debateable. If Manzeil plays well and the ALS win. And the lose by the cats is a result of
mistakes by Masoli, then "yes" it means the Cats "lost" in the trade.

So if that were to happen then we would finish the season at 14-4. Would that record be enough for a playoff spot?

Based on what I saw tonight, Ottawa or Toronto could well be the top two finishers in the East at the end of the season.
What concerns me is that Ottawa and Toronto are improving. We are not. And in less that 24 hours, we should find soon find out out if Montreal has improved with Manziel at QB.

At the end of the Edmonton-Saskatchewan game it was good to see Collaros and Gable hug each other. When I saw that, I thought it was too bad both of them were still not with the Tiger-Cats. Wishful thinking on my part given the sorry state we seem to be in right now.

So I think this game against Montreal will say a lot about our future as a competitive team for the rest of this season.

A loss means the continuation of a pattern established in the first SSK loss : fundamentalproblems with this team have been exposed.

What it does to team confidence and faith in QB and coach is anyone's guess

A win means the current scheme can still beat significantly weak teams.

Which is not to say Jones hasn't been working on improvements to his scheme which may well debut tonight.

A loss literally means we are the worst team in the league. A win means we're slightly better.

This team will show its true colours next week against Winnipeg; was that win over the Bombers earlier simply a fluke or can we compete against one of the better teams in the league.
Beat Als and Bombers and all be well in ticat land!

Whoa, whoa, whoa....everybody slow down.

It doesn't matter how many games we long as we're not losing as much as two other teams.

Good re-cap Espo. I have to agree.

Once this team gets on a roll, the bandwagon will need new, extra-strength shock absorbers.

I can only hope you are right, of course. Bit of a word play there, eh? :slight_smile:

The problem is that this team hasn't been on a roll in quite a while . I'm thinking that perhaps the old bandwagon has a blown tire that hasn't been fixed for some time now . :-\

Well well we actually agree on something lol

If what were to happen? All I am saying is the have to take every game seriously. I think the losses against Saskatchewan were in part due to the fact they thought they were better than Saskatchewan and took them lightly. Reading too many press clippings about how good they are.


Do you think this game is now of more importance than Labour Day??

Are we actually falling into the TMZ style fueled frenzy of Johnny Football??

IMHO, This game is just as important to us as it would have been before the "trade"

It is a 4 point game, just win the damn thing and leave the drama to the media!

My thoughts as well. Win by one point if we must, but win it to keep pace with Ottawa and Toronto.