The weekend numbers are out, albeit a day late. Here is my Top 8 list with comments. No surprise how the CFL came in #1 & 3.

  1. CFL, West Final Esks-Lions CBC @ 1.586M (down 4% from 04)
  2. NHL, Atlanta-Leafs CBC @ 1.584M (down 5% from 05 ave.)
  3. CFL, East Final Als-Argos CBC @ 1.106M (down 28% from 04 but, Toronto drew an impressive 241,000. We coild not get RDS #, one would think 300,000-500,000 meaning over 1.5M)4. NHL, Hawks-Flames CBC @ 763,000 (down 25% from 05 ave.)
  4. CIS Football Playoff Laval-Sask TSN @ 348,000 (up over 300% from 04)
  5. NFL, Raiders-Skins Global @262,000 (no account for people stupidity)
    7.NHL Friday Atlanta-Flyers TSN @ 252,000
  6. NFL, Chiefs-Titans TSN @ 219,000 (plumitting to Craptors #)
    Now, we present from the Joke catagory and where they really belong.
    NFL, Sunday Global(serves them right) Buffalo-San Diego @ 92,000
    NFL, Sunday Global(see above) Oak-Wash @ 70,000
    NBA, Sunday Heat-Craptors TSN @ 108,000 (can we say good bye like the Grizzlies)
    So, the next time some poor misguided NFL "fan" tries to tell us how Canadians love the crap league over our CFL, quote these numbers.
    As for the Grey Cup, I am going on record to say over 4.5M will watch on CBC and a further 800,000 on RDS. For a combined whopping 5M+.

thanks again, argotom....i was waiting for these numbers all day!

RDS had an audience of about 500,000 for the east final on top of the 1.1 for CBC. And the reason that CBC was down 28% for the East game compared to last year, is because last year the West game was first and the East game was played Sunday night in Prime time!
And Toronto drawing 241,000 is not that impressive.

Thanks , but I think that 5 million viewers is asking alittle bit much.I hope I am wrong , but , these 2 teams are not the best for a GREY CUP , in my opinion.

Sorry , but both these teams have been in the GREY CUP too many years in a row.

It is just like in the NFL , were T.V. ratings dropped for the 3rd SUPERBOWL in a row when NEW ENGLAND played in it or when BUFFALO , played in it 4 times.

For me , I don't know who to vote for , since they are my 2 least favourite teams.

A , B.C. VS. MONTREAL would have been a more sexy game or even an EDMONTON VS. TORONTO , GREY CUP. I finding it hard to get excited about this year.

I wonder who would watch an all east or all west GC

see : 1992

A Montreal-Edmonton Grey Cup matchup is a classic. A long standing bitter rivalry fought through several decades. For me it is Montreals number 1 rivalry in Football, but Toronto is very close, it is just not a GreyCup rivalry like with Edmonton :evil:
Anyway it is the continuation of years of hatred and admiration, and should be a great game. Your turn to watch your biggest nightmare come true this year, like Als fans had to do last year! Enjoy!

I did say that , B.C. vs. MONTREAL would be sexier , manly because THE CUP , is in B.C.

We may see MONTREAL be the favourite with the B.C. crowd.GO FIGURE?

thats exactly what happened at the grey cup I went to ...1985 i think it was. It was Esks versus Hamilton at BC place. Everyone around me in the stands were cheering for hamilton because they were so upset that Esks beat the Lions to get there. Hamilton ended up crushing the green and gold in the end, But we saw a young backup Damon Allen play a pretty good game in replacement of Matty D.

Thanks for those numbers argotom, great info!

So the numbers are down a little bit from last year, but at least the Finals are in frist and second.

we'll see in 3 1/2 hours.