Brock Ralph released and a few signings:

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Not surprising. It was beyond time. He lost his spot in the latter half of last year and even IF he won his job back in camp there was no way he would ever win back fans here. If he can find a fresh start with another team that's the best for him. The best thing for us is to give the playing time to a younger guy and let him develop.

Not shocked at Sadeghian being released, a bit surprised it took this long. Personally I would've liked to keep Stephenson over Sadeghian in the first place, but the drafting of volny, who sounds like a guy who can run the ball, catch, and play special teams will be able to fill that spot.

Chris Davis -meh, take it or leave it. He's been around the CFL for a couple of seasons and really hasn't done much to distinguish himself, we can find another guy who maybe more versatile and have more upside.

Suprises - Jamayel Smith is still on the roster. He didn't look like much when he got a chance to play, I think we might have better talent coming to TC.

Finally adding a couple of DE's into the mix for Hunts spot in Turner and Cassell. That hopefully will be one of the hottest competitions in camp, looking forward to seeing who comes out on top. long to Brock :thdn: ...He cost us big-time last year with his untimely drops
.....Nice to see a bunch of signings....the more the merrier at tc and i'm really getting to like Macks recruiting skills...The only one so far i've been a little jaded on was Brink.but hey...He might surprise the hell out of us in tc :lol: Then Macks batting a 1000 in my books :wink:

Jamayel Smith really didn’t see much action but a lot of fans seem to be judging him based on his performance in the 2nd pre-season game last season which was completely unfair since he’d only been in camp for a few days when that game was played.

Maybe that's what some people base it on, but I'm basing it on the limited time he actually did get on the field. He looked a lot like Ralph as I recall. Carr came in with less time to acclimate himself and established himself a lot more quickly. And Smith doesn't seem to fit into the mix at either PR or KR when you look at how they moved Garrett into that spot late in the season and a lot of the competition coming to camp have PR/KR abilities. Guess we'll see once the dust settles from camp if he becomes more TCF or earns a spot.

thank god ralph is gone. probably tried trading him at the draft but no takers.. thats my guess as its odd they would release him 1 day after.

good riddance to brock ralph tho. see, drafting etienne is already paying off for us :slight_smile:

mack on irving said he expects both muamba and etienne to be on the roster this year. tells you they see something in these kids...

andre sadeghian is not a big loss, neither is chris davis. courtney smith looked good but wouldnt have started so... best of luck to all these guys.

i like these signings tho.. 3 de/dl to compete for hunts vacant de spot and this floyd fella seems awfully quick dont he.