.....A GM/COACH.....who understands that you have to get guys to extend ...BEFORE the free agency date and the wolves come licking their chops at the door....I'm referring to the extended contracts, just signed by Doug Brown and LaBatte...I hope we can pull off a few more and get the Bombers out of the habit of leaving it all to the very end...Good work Mike Kelly....we're slowly leaving the Taman era behind.. :thup:

Good job getting young Labatte re-inked, gotta keep those good NI o-linemen.

ya, earlier in the off season i was suggesting trading brendon labbatte and kerry johnson to Bc for Jarious, and korey banks

what a stupid idea that was... papa was quick to point that out

i dont know why i came up with that idea, but when i looked back at that a few weeks ago... i realized the stupidity of such a move

brendon labbatte is going to be an elite gaurd for years to come... and has a lot of life left at this level at 22

wheres that famous crow on a plater pic papa???

great moves by Kelly. LaBatte is going to be a beast in years to come and its good to see that he'll be locked up for a long time. Hopefully this extension means that Brown will finish he career here in Winnipeg. I couldnt stand to see him wearing any other colors but Blue and Gold.