I was sure they were gonna blow it after the back to back turnovers.

That dumb taunting call didnt help either, thankfully it didnt cost them the game.

I have said this before and I will say it again and again Duval is the MVP of this team.

Well you should have heard me swear when he missed the 24 yarder.... Thing is I had a feeliong he would

Well we got 1 under our we need a minumum of 2 others out of 4 games...

T&T must have wet himself when Anwar caught that pass ! Too bad he got a penalty for the helmet, dammit we were at the 2 yrd line, and couldn't score, went for a FG :frowning:

Man, I was screaming, asking for a TD when Anwar ran with that ball. Had he taken it two yards further, the 10 yards penalty would have been applied on the following kickoff !

ist that where Duval missed?

What pissed me off was the O’niel Wilson fumble that should not have been a fumble. The refs really messed that 1 up.

I think they made the right call on the fumble the ball was out of his hands just before he hit hte ground.

This was as ugly a win as they come but anything is better than losing at this point

It was a fumble. He was very close to being down but it was a fumble never the less

For God's sake, can we get rid of O'Neill Wilson already? What does this guy bring to the table except being a warm breathing body? He contributes nothing except the occasional catch which any 6th receiver could make, and his fumble nearly cost us yet another game.

I don't care how much Calvillo likes Wilson -- they'd better cut him in the offseason.

Personally, I think Wilson has been the best receiver for us during the 6 game losing streak. Sure he had the occasional drop, but look at the other receivers, Watkins, Anderson, almost seem like they dropped everyone, even Cahoon was dropping them.

I think the Als played very well last night. Offensively, they were looking like our past offence on a bad day. At least, they were moving the ball, and only had 2 turnovers, luckily, not costly ones.

I like Chris Davis, the only thing about him, is being a rookie, he tries to get fancy with the ball, and tries to makethe big runs and loses yards in the process, but that's what a rookie does. Other than that, he has great speed and good hands.

Robert Edwards! Vintage Edwards! Haven't seen him carry 3 guys on his back in a long time! My player of the game.

The only complaint I have, is that it's time to bring Lambert and Okeke back. Allen is slow and gets beat a lot, and Fritz takes a lot of penalties. Time to bring back the former CFL All-Stars, and get some more leadership!

Good Game Als!

Good call Rypooon on the recievers and Edwards but I do not agree withi your thoughts on Okeke. I beleive Allen will get better as playoffs approch.To bad we wont be losing to Edmonton in this years Grey Cup.

Personally, I don't think Ian Allen is as good as they think he is. Sure he spent time in the NFL he's good, but for the NFL game. I think in the CFL, the linemen have to be more mobile. He's slow, and get's beat quite often on the passes.

At least, Okeke knows the CFL. He was O-Lineman of the year in the CFL. He's a captain of this team, I think he should be back now.

If not, Lambert should be here right now instead of Fritz, that's for sure.

Maybe Allen will get better as the playoffs approach, but need him to be better now, because we need to win now.

Personally I would take Fritz over Okeke.Out with the old in with the new.Same with Calvllio I give him a couple more years max and then hand over the reigns to Brady and Palmer.

the als played good i agree but lets not get too excited... because it was only winnipeg, their not that good.

BRADY? Are you serious? What has this guy proven in the CFL? He's been in the league for quite a while and has never, ever shown that he is capable of being a starter. Once in a blue moon, he has a big game and everyone talks about his potential as a starter. Then he returns to being the same old Marcus Brady, the one who can't even hold onto the ball on a critical third-down gamble with the game on the line.

As for Palmer, he's an unknown quantity. He could be a star for us, or he could bomb. We simply don't have enough information.

Brady came within a touchdown or maybe a bit more of beating the Al's in 2003 Eastern Final. Personally if was a coach in Toronto I would have up a longtime on that piece crap Allen and built the team around Brady.

If it wasn’t for Allen, the Argos would not have won the GC in 2004; which, if memory serves me right, included a defeat at the Big Owe over the Als. If Brady could help the Als overcome their constant problem of choking in the big game (2 out of the past 3 trips, if memory serves me right), then hey, all the more power to The Don and co.

But knowing The Don, he’ll probably go with his constant fawning over Nealon and the Als will be on the outside looking in again.

funny how nearly beating is better than beating!

He thinks Tor should go with a QB who nearly beat Mtl over the one that did!

The only Toronto beat the Al's in 2004 was(if memory serves me right)Calvillo missed half the game.Anyways that is besides the point. I beleive after all those int's we wont be seeing The Don's boy Greene for a while and hopefully for the rest of the season. Brady has come in the last few games and other then the 1 fumble he has done a hell of alot better the Greene.