FINALLY - Zach is back!

Collaros will start against the Lions Saturday night.

Great news for Cats fans. Since 2014 - with Collaros we are seven games over .500 at 16-9. Without him we are five games under .500 at 6-11.

Pft… overrated… Be lucky to finish the season in third.

We have to assume a game or 2 of rust. Hopefully split those 2. After that, the sky is the limit. :thup:

:lol: Don't you wish. :lol:

Yes, I stated that in a couple of posts.

IMO, 2 games of rust before getting into Zach form.

Trust me , he will be back to form. Also, he has the receivers to ensure that.

However, the Cats have bigger issues. The D. Giving up way to many points and yards.

That is the big concern right now.

Overrated , wtf :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:

Not humorous at all !!!

You have the gall to say TravelPat is a troll in the BMO thread, then you post garbage like this?

Are you purposely being a hypocrite, or are you just a crazy person with no self control? I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Apologies if it offends you.

oh sense of humour at all.............. :lol: :lol:

Accepted. Thank you, although the damage is already done for all to see.

To be fair to Grover... this is not a religious "safe space".

Be offended if you want, but he didn't do anything against forum rules.

Remember, you choose to be offended by things, and those things that offend you certainly don't force your will or hand.

Looks like I will have to have a nap to stay up for this game.

It just comes down to common courtesy. He posted something I did not find funny. I posted my opinion and Grover being the gentleman I know him to be, apologized. Plain and simple and it's over.

So he wouldn't have been a decent guy if he didn't apologize?

This may shock you, but this forum, or anyone on it, are not here to suit your preferences.

If you want to control all input, then I suggest you stay home with your TV, radio and computer off.

Gee Bungle coming from you and yer fine eye for talent and always sunny and positive outlook on life your opinion means a lot to everybody :roll: . You might be right though , I mean after-all you were BANG ON with yer assessment of Matt Nichols :wink:. We'll see how the real MOP of last year does this year now that he is finally back and ready to finish off what he started last year. I mean let's face it the only reason that Zach didn't win the MOP award last year and that overrated old grumpy guy from Ottawa did was because unfortunately he got injured otherwise Collaros would have won it in a landslide. :rockin: :smiley:

Bungle is the resident class clown, only not funny.

Don't twist my words .... This whole thing has nothing to do with you and yet you are still raggin on.... I didn't know you were the forum police and this forum IS here to suit everyone's preferences. That's why we can't call each other racial, gay or gender insults. I just feel it should extend to ALL insults. It tells me a lot if you don't see it that way.

I laughed my ass off for what it's worth ... Zach has become our saviour in the Hammer!

I wonder if Zach is a religious man and if so, do you think he would find this funny ?

For what it's worth the Saviour angle was first presented in an article by Ti-Cat beat reporter Drew Edwards.

Here's the link...........

[url=] ... nd-coming/[/url]