Finally we have some Positive Threads...

Amazing what Win Dose..

Great Work by the Ticats Coaching Staff
Players and Front Office..

Still a lot of work to do though.

Amen Brother

It's not only great to see the positive threads but it's also way easier to speak up without having to put up with (some might say deserved) negativity.

God, this feels good. :smiley: :smiley:

I think it was page 18 on the game thread where I mentioned that I did not quite recall what it was like on this site after a win. And it sure is good to get this reminder of what it is like during better times.

With this win, we would see posts criticizing everything that went wrong, and even though some things did go wrong during the game, we are not see as many posts about it. There would have been many more posts about penalties taken during the game. And speaking of penalties, I'm surprised there has not been as much said about what Anderson did to get taken out of the game (then looking quite happy with what he did.) But this was brought up on the 5th quarter.

And Tom, with the Gardner reception, you might have a new video clip to add to your signature. :slight_smile:

sorry to go off topic here but…thats wat Dog The Bounty Hunter says :smiley: