Finally, visible progress in where the CFL stands up here!!!

I stumbled across this page, and I think it's GREAT because it mentions players that were mediocre in the CFL but successful in the NFL, successful in the CFL but mediocre in the NFL, and those that were successful in both. At NO point does it even SUGGEST that the CFL is in any way inferior to the NFL. It just gives a good, honest-to-God, fair, untainted opinion on a few players that played in both league. There is FINALLY no better-or-worse comparison, and only a comparison between what it is: two different leagues with two different sets of rules and two different types of game. Finally, the CFL is mentioned in the same breath as the NFL (about bloody time). This helps the CFL more than bashing the NFL ever will.

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Nice! Finally some respect from the Canadian media!

There is the Problem the Article doesn't have facts right.

The thing on Ricky is missing something he got more then 40 yards rushing, like Reynolds got more then 90 yards(unless they mean per game)

Also the leading Rusher was Charlie Roberts not Reynolds when you go by final rushing numbers(per game might be different)

lol, also forgets to mention at the end that Warren Moon liked the CFL more then the NFL.

i havent seen the show, but if the nfl has to many teams, and the cfl not enouph teams, why not move a fewnfl teams into the cfl, - jets,bills,lions,cardinals, ? :smiley:

sorry wrong thread :oops:

they are refering to a game the 2 had head-to-head.

Wow, I never knew that the Rocket had a $18.2 million US contract... Why did he get such a huge deal???

The Rocket was looking to go high if not #1 in the NFL draft. The Hollywood Argos signed the most exciting player in college football before that could happen. At a price though of 4 million a year. It is like the Argos stealing Reggie Bush today. It was a huge news story in the U.S. Quite amazing and probably will never happen again.

Wow. Thanks for the insight. Im pretty sure it cant happen again.. think of the Cap hit the CFL would take... Like Reggie got what a 52 million $ contract US? Youd have to add like 15% give or take for the CND/US dollar difference, then you wouls have to add more... And Reggie got about $30,000,000 in guarunteed moeny... So the Rocket is the highest paid player in CFL history i take it...

The Argo's owner was using 'funny money'
that he got fraudulently. Easy come, easy go.

the argos owners at the time were wayne gretzky and john candy, no?

Yes, and Bruce McNall (he's the guy that had the legal problems, drummer)

It would be pretty hard for the CFL to be able and Steal a top level prospect because the NFL over pays their young guys by so much. There is no sort of Entry Salary, which is why you have Young Backup QB's getting paid 50M$ contracts.

49ers gave Alex smith(last years first rounder) 5M for 2006 and he didn't really deserve it, There is no problem with their young guys getting good pay but if they atleast had to prove they could play pro before getting paid in the multi Millions. But ohwell, as good as 2-3M player cap(3 year max entry contracts) could be NFLPA likes their current deal too much. and as nice as it would be for the CFL to have a chance to steal players, it's also not going to happen.

There is one and only one way it could happen and that's if the CFL got a size-able TV deal, it doesn't need to be on par(in even a per team as the NFL) but even a deal that would give each CFL team 1/4 of what each NFL team makes, the CFL would be competing for NFL players.
But the idea of the CFL getting 200M Revenue from TV contracts(a year) isn't going to happen anytime soon, not to mention the cap wouldn't be at that level the cap would be lower then the 25M per team it would be 15-20M still good and able to compete but I don't know where the CFL is going to find someone willing to give them that much money on a yearly deal... oh would it be sweet if it did happen though.

Fox or ESPN or NBC executive Gets Really Drunk and offers the CFL a 20 year, 250M per year deal, with an option to the CFL to re-new the deal another 20 years at 35M per CFL team deal. and again in 20 more years at 45M per (canadian)CFL team.


Awesome, I like it! GREAT idea! Let's do it :slight_smile:

Good article Canuckev, which brings back my comments from years ago.... Different style players perform better for different leagues. Only a few can do it good in both!

Sad reminder of the Mark Gastineau experiment. I think I still have my paperbag from that year(s).