Finally The Offence We've Been Waiting For

What an exciting game last night.....and the offence we've been waiting for!!

The Lions offensive game plan was much different than the first four games. Screen plays to Warren (count 'em..three), dump offs out of the backfield to Warren, a flanker screen to Thelwell for a touchdown took away the Calgary blitz and hurt them. The running game utilized Warren more effectively with off tackle traps and pitchouts which play to his cutback strengths and they even handed off to Green twice, including an inside counter.

I have to give credit to Chapdelain for finally coming up with the kind of game plan to effectively nullify the blitz which teams have been using to hurt the Leos in past games. Dickenson not only threw the ball short effectively but also went long to Simmons, Thelwell, and Jackson, stretching out the Calgary defence. You really couldn't ask for much more....other than a couple of early dropped passes and the fact the Leos still need to work on their short yardage goaline offence. I was really excited to see them scheme and execute their offence extremely well against a good Calgary defence.

Defensively the Leos struggled against both the run and the long ball in the first half. Calgary has an impressive rushing attack but the Leos did close it down in the second half. I thought the the corners of Marsh and Young played very well but Phillips was torched a couple of times and Washington missed a couple of key tackles on wide recievers. Heck, even Duncan O'Mahony made a key tackle on special teams to save a touchdown.

The changes the Leos made on offence in this game brought back the excitement of watching the Lions on offence. There was a mixture of everything, a balanced attack, and the kind of play calling that took advantage of all their strengths and dictating the game.

I hope Simmons isn't out of the lineup was great to see them go to him early for a opened things up! Hopefully Simon's hamstring is minor.

Hope everyone is celebrating the win!!!!

.............well put Blitzy.........a very potent offence tonight sealed the win.......

Yayyyyy Lions! Edmonton is next! :slight_smile:

..........what that old saying?........oh yeah..........'be careful what you wish for'........

as long as they don't get too cocky they should be alright

Right on Blitz

Your very through...

I like that!