FINALLY - The CFL has made a move

Makes sense to address to address these questions/issues together as the financial impact of Covid is likely not just on 2020

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Well, knowing how the CFL owners disrespect the CFLPA this is probably going to get really nasty. CFL is going to use/hide behind Covid to try and screw the players.


can you give us an example of how the CFL screws the players? Please do not use non guaranteed contract as that is the known model throughout the game.

Not informing the CFLPA on whether there is a season or not or how to have one. Going to the government looking for a handout and not involving the CFLPA. Ambrosie lying about communicating with the CFLPA. Where have you been? Ask the players.

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Ask the players?? That is funny.

Makes sense that any new agreement will have to have an extension of the CBA. The NHL is working on to with their PA to restart.

It will take some time to recover from this. Having the sides bicker every couple years won't help anyone.

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Has the CFL screwed the players? The owners own the league. They have to agree first to decide to play and absorb the losses. It is a drag for the players but the first step is for those footing the bill to see if they want to proceed. Once that is done then the players decide if they want to proceed. Nobody is lying.

You mean when the CFLPA came out with a statement and said that Ambrosie had not contacted them. That is a lie by Ambrosie. CFLPA has already filed a previous grievance and we will see if there will be another one filed or not once we know what the CFL handed to the CFLPA right?

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I would argue most players are smart enough to realize a season at this point is nearly dead
Even if they had clearance to play the people likely would not go to games
Plus add in the fact that both NHL & NBA are pushing hard to restart games & MLB is likely to play late as well and even your TV views plus Ad revenues are way down

Yes, also looks like from the CFLPA response to the CFL guidelines that the CFLPA are only interested in negotiating the 2020 season. I still don't think there will be a CFL 2020 season.

For a 6 game season is it really worth it.

Not sure if it's worth the risk.

Need to decide within 2 weeks at least.

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Hope there is a season.
Yes, you can't always trust what the commissioner and owners say, but to blindly believe everything the CFLPA says is just as bad.


6 game season with 8 teams making the playoffs is more like a tournament vs being an actual season.

I’d rather see them target an October start play 12 games with a February grey cup.

Hold the grey cup in bc or Toronto for the indoor aspect. Other wise keep the play off format the same with 6 teams making the playoffs

That said I reluctantly understand the dire financial situation the CFL finds itself. If they don’t start soon they may see several teams fold.... and the cfl couldn’t handle 2 or more teams going under , let alone even 1

So basically win 2 games your in... win 3 you get home field and playing to be healthy for the grey cup will be more important than any other game