Finally talking some sense down south ...

I would love to hear our Caretaker's view on this topic!

As a fan of the game that is able to form my own opinions his view is meaningless.
As a season ticket holder to an NFL franchise I don't mind them looking into ways to make my experience more enjoyable.
funny thing I have not heard any discussion down hete on the subject yet..maybe Ineed to ask around and get nfl fans thoughts

This is a stupid idea. Leave it alone, we have a good game and it does not need to be changed

The U.S. singles and field goals shouldn't they said on a NFL show that the goal bar & uprights are on the back goal line hence not in the field of play...the ball is dead upon breaking the plane of any part of the white line...they were having a good laugh meaning who was going to bring it into the field of one would dare try and change it...things move slow down there so I wouldn't ink in the new idea!