Finally some respect!

Congrats to all 4 recipients of the Player of the Month awards for the CFL for the month of August. A special shout-out to Aaron Hunt and Ian Smart, both members of the BC Lions.

Come on guys, 2/4 awards isn't so great. Let's try and sweep 'em in September.

Something tells me if there werent any Lions who got POTM honors, you wouldnt have posted that...

Oh, he would've posted... but he would've been whining... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I see no Riders got player of the month. I mean it's not like we won all of our games this month or anything like that.

That's what happens when no members of a team stand out, my opinion, no Rider is deserving of a PotM award....

And at this rate, the Riders will be receiving the most coveted award of them all in about 11-1/2 weeks.

I think another 82 years would be fitting, 1989 and 2089.


You sure you're not related to saskargo in some shape or form? Like a distant cousin or something? :roll:

I think I saw his cousin in a farmer's field yesterday-- a jackass

Mongo, now its my turn to roll on the floor laughing!