Finally some re-signings!

According to RIS, Bourke, Brouillette, and London have been re-signed!

Finally, some good news that the Als are rebuilding their team. Hope to hear lots more good news in the coming weeks and months! Whew!

Add Billy Parker to that list.

Als great Scott Flory still not signed... Wonder if he really is thinking retirement :frowning:

Good news about Bourke, Brouillette, Parker, and London! Bourke is a keeper, Brouillette and London will only get better, and Parker did a solid job last year considering he was the only member of the starting five to play through the whole season.

If Flory retires, we'll definitely miss him, but the organization is deep at O-line. The key is to avoid having multiple rookies becoming starters in the same season. The rest of the line is experienced, so I'm not too worried.

Why would Scott Flory think of retiring at 35? I am positive that he has already signed for 2 years and it will/should be announced soon. I expect the same for Eric Deslauruers. When these signings are announced, Brian Bratton and Rick Santos-who both signed during the regular season-as with London,Parker and Bourke- could also be officially announced.

I expect other/these announcements next week.


That's good news. Brian was sayin on Twitter he extended.

One outstanding play I recall from last year was the direct snap to Brouillette that he took for a very long touchdown. This demonstrated to me the speed he has for a large player. The defensive backs were not able to get to him illustrating how fast he is. I do hope the coaches design some offensive plays for him which take advantage of his speed and strength. Desauliers, as I recall, showed his mark in one of the team's Grey Cup also utilizing the direct snap. Taking the speed and strength of these fellows, utilizing the direct snap out of a punting situation can be an exciting play.

For what it`s worth Scott Flory and Tad Crawford are part of the 16 players involved in the Als Stay in School program.

I would say that this almost confirms Flory not going anywhere or retiring. Surprised to see Crawford participating, if only because Herb had reported he was retiring due to his concussion issues.

Here is the list of those participating, and good on them for doing it:

"The Alouettes players involved in the program for 2012 include: Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and John Bowman as well as Anthony Barrette, Martin Bédard, Josh Bourke, Tad Crawford, Dahrran Deidrick, Éric Deslauriers, Danny Desriveaux, Shea Emry, Diamond Ferri, Scott Flory, Chima Ihekwoaba, Ramon Guzman, Kristian Matte and Anwar Stewart."

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Boulay will be signing anyday, good to hear!

Etienne Boulay signing has been confirmed by the Als.

Also announced the signing of Adam Mimbs-I,Wr,23 years old- Another WR.

Both for two years. 1 year + option.


I like the signing of Adam MIMS. He's a 4.4 195 pound returner with great hands.

Ah, good to know. At first I thought, "WTH? Another receiver?" But we definitely need to do something about our return game.

Let's hope they also get a dedicated ST coach as well.

Read somewhere that Jim and Marc left Mobile early in the week. Lets hope they were heading somewhere to meet some candidates. That is the kind of PITA this coaching situation creates. Some of the Toronto staff are saying Trestman has nothing left to prove in the CFL. I'm hoping this serves them as motivation to ignite some serious competitive fire :wink:

Ostensibly, they were scouting at the Senior Bowl.

Well, we have rather lots of positions to fill, especially with the coaching staff. I certainly hope that now that they appear headed back to Montreal for the 2012 season (unless, God forbid, we start hearing new rumours!), that they will rewind the 2011 season, look seriously at the positions they have to solidify in the secondary, start seriously thinking about AC's involvement, create newer and innovative O schemes with our new OC, and the QB transition planning going forward.

Its hard to get more out of our offense. I think when you put up 45 points on the board and lose... The only change I can see is Watkins losing his job if he does not show up at camp in top shape. That is the only change I can see besides Scott Flory who is still unsigned.

On defense with Anwar expressing his feelings and the Als rumored not to be resigning Wilson and McElveen. Tibesar has been talking up Akra for two years so its time to see if he can play and Moton is a pup and working his butt off already to improve his upper body strenght. The Dline is where we are going to see the most change IMO. This is where Popp, Mike Sinclair and the new DC will earn their pay.

The key to the team's success are
1- DB's and Shea returning healthy.
2- Rebuilding of the dline
3- Improving our kick and kick return teams.

If the als can do that they will be a contender.

We can start off by signing Lin-J Shell, was released by the Argos.

I'd certainly bring him to camp. With our secondary having to be rebuilt, we need to assemble a deep pool of talent and let 'em slug it out for starting spots in TC.

Shell by far and away was my favourite Argo the past few seasons. . . by all means, bring him in !

If Gerald Brown is back and healthy, we could have Brown and Shell as our DHBs. allowing Parker to move to the corner where they wanted him to play last season, but it only lasted half of game #1.

True, but we have no idea what our new DC will want to do with the available personnel. He might prefer to keep Parker inside and go looking for a good cover corner to replace Estelle, whose career seems to be over, sadly.