Finally--some accountability!!

It's more than a day later and the chatter is still fast and furious, but the bottom line is Taffe had to be held accountable. He didn't miss tackles, drop passes, or commit penalties (Oh wait, he did the penalty thing, my bad!), but he was responsible for what happens on the field. I never got the impression that he accepted any real responsibility. It was always veiled remarks about how they weren't good enough, they are young, that they were working as hard as they could, how they needed a break here and there. Never tried to make his own breaks, just waited and hoped they might happen.

Too many players were allowed to skate by with unacceptble play. What has Scott Michell done to merit the amount of playing time he has received? NOTHING!! And he's not the only one. Poor personnel decisions, bad use of the import ratio, and questionable tactical decisions were the norm for Taffe. It had to stop. It became obvious he did not believe he could win with this team, and that is unacceptable from the HC.

Can this season be saved? I doubt it but I'll still hope for the best and cheer them on. At least now, the culture of accepting poor play that Taffe allowed to foster can begin to change. That will be the first step from being a losing team to being a winner.

A GOOD READ! :thup:

No wonder something that makes sense gets lost with all the drivel and crying going on with this website! :roll:

It's a new day people...the sun came out...the sky didn't fall and we still have a team...and a CHANCE (allbeit a small one) at post season play.

Give Marcel and the boys a Chance to Win. Support Your Team! Quit whining over spilled milk already. :roll:

Give Marcel and the boys a Chance to Win
8) I will give Marcel a chance !! It is not his fault that we are in this jackpot !!
I just wonder how many others on here will give him a decent chance, before they turn on him and demand that he is run out of town also ??       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Honestly, i still think the turning point of this season was the Saskatchewan loss -- 'caused by the 2nd and 1 from the 6 debacle. That, and others like it, were coaching/ OC decisions.

Momentum is a beast. We could've had it...and, likely, these conversations would be moot right now.

isnt the milk at Ivor Wynne curdled by now like really