Finally, Red Bird Capital provides insight into their plan

Out of nowhere and no signing author 3down nation WEB site publishes interview with RedBird Capital partner and we learn a lot.

  • They are looking for a TV contract.
  • They have no plans intersecting with the NFL season
  • They are married to 4 down American rules.
  • Investment is conditional to ticking all the boxes:
    a) TV contract
    b) Cost certainty
    c) Organizational structure "Right people".

The CFL brings "some" of a,b and C to an Association/buyout/merger/stake/interest (pick your favorite buzzword).

However with the exception of possibly some capital I don't see much in it for the CFL.


Well given the new covid situation capital may become a really big deal. Exposure to larger markets and buzz in our backyard to bring back fans that faded off wouldn’t be bad either.

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Nothing there that is a shock. No reason both leagues can’t keep their rules and still play and work together.

Duh they don’t want to butt up against the NFL. The rest is pretty much the same. Nothing here we didn’t expect and no real meat to get a better idea of the direction that both leagues are leaning towards.

Though I imagine for both leagues that relationship is becoming more fluid by the day.

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It sounds like they have an idea with TV being the driver but have no real solution of how it will be financed without a large media partner to help start it up .

Alec worked with already established sports properties which is completely different .

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I didn’t see any mention of the CFL. Did I miss something?

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We're these things said in the podcast? I didn't listen to whole thing yet but it was done before the announcement.

There's nothing in the 3down article staying what's said in the OP

Fair Moose…

  • They are looking for a TV contract:

"More people watched the XFL on TV than a lot of sports that have been around a long time. "

  • They have no plans intersecting with the NFL season:

"I’m not sure you want to or can take on the NFL, the NFL is the gold standard,”

They are married to 4 down American rules:

“I think you start from the premise, which seems like a pretty safe premise, that there’s more than enough demand for football, American football.:

  • Investment is conditional to ticking all the boxes:

"If you can find a place in the ecosystem where there’s demand, you should do well if you operate it well and have the right vision behind it. But professional football, it’s not cheap to put on,”

So, in other words, no benefit for the CFL.


That is the impression I get as well, though I imagine they are much further in media talks then they let on. The media likely won’t materialize until the XFL and CFL figure out how the relationship is going to work to the extent that it would impact the deal.

Kind of a chicken and the egg. But I am sure they have active talks going, just trying to leverage the best deal, but in reality the best deal they can hope to get in year 1 and like 2 is a 50/50 split of ad revenue after TV folks subtract their production costs.

Though if The Rock is willing to do ads and other things for the TV broadcaster that could be a game changer, though I suspect that will be his contribution in the first place. He certainly won’t be investing hundreds of millions.

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OK, so it’s your interpretation on the article. Fair enough

As the podcast was aired 2 weeks before the 2 leagues made the joint announcement of talks, it may not necessarily be a set in stone position. Time will tell.

But they do seem strongly believe there is a market for football outside of the NFL

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Unless they change their vision of things a lot. I don’t see a future for Canadian Football with this association. I am also not sure if the teams that are doing well financially (Riders, Bombers, Eskimos, RB and TC and Stamps) in the CFL gain anything from this. They may actually make less money.

Can’t wait for May 1st…


The interview they are referencing was from February 2021. The CFL announcement didn’t come until March 10.

No. That is because there is not a huge pool of reporters breaking CFL news. This whole interview reached the CFL world because there apparently is no other news source than a guy who has a twitter account who doubles as a admin on a Riders fan forum.

So after 3down see this old interview posted, they listen to it and recap it on their site. That is why 3down staff is listed as the author. Only original content have a real person named.

I heard the interview and in my opinion, there was nothing noteworthy about it.

Sage Mightygoose, if this hereby Court be pleased and this evident is current, I’m going to call it now in line with your recent prophecy on another thread.

But is this the current XFL view or something from weeks ago?

If and only if still current, here’s my take.

Given that this XFL 3.0 has zero plans to intersect with the NFL at all, that means they are married to spring football just as I suspected from most of its fans. They also have the false assumption that by having any football in the fall, one has to take on the NFL, which is simply not tree so long as you don’t schedule opposite the NFL!

Now if there is some deal done with the CFL at all to be had, which I am not seeing now either, it would have be analogous to as you proposed with a split season with the autumn the CFL only.

Something I have observed in life across industries goes kind of like this:

“When in the midst of challenging efforts to find a solution, when the only solutions are those that are extremely complex as opposed to in a mix with more streamlined solutions, the chance of the extremely complex solution being chosen is slim to none.”

This view does not mean complex solutions ought not to be discussed for what is not a simple one-meeting one-hour conversation, for in such discussions come ideas for a simpler solution.

This view means rather that when such are the only solutions on the table that are viable given other parameters (i.e. the XFL will not intersect at all with the NFL season), those solutions are heavily unlikely.

CFL, much as I must do with my dating pool post-pandemic (or so we think given the alarming variants), please go fishing in a different lake right now.


That’s why I fish with Dynamite. LOL!

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Oh dear, way to get 'er done again Dave, I have a true dynamite story from a former neighbour to share at the appropriate time, which I am not sure is now but if you remind me at some time I will do so.

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But we were told, they had been talking for months before the announcement…


Man ! That’s well said. I feel the same across the board.

The only two areas I see intersections.

Both leagues promoting each other in their off season and offering game trave junkets to their fans to keep them engaged.

Negotiating as one entity with the players.

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