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Cohon just lost his job lol

And we just gained another draft pick!!! :thup:

I am not quite sure how to read this. The Als went to arbitration but the BOG told Cohon to disreguard that process?

So Hamilton will get the 1st and 8th. pick.

two picks in the first round. Should get a couple solid players

How? He executed what the BOG voted for.

1st, 8th, and 9th.



Check it out, on Wednesday!

Oski Wee Wee,

Do we actually get the 8th AND 9th pick? Or does MTLs 8th pick get forfeited and everyone is bumped up one pick after that, giving us just the 8th?

As I stated earlier, confirmed by the story:

"Hamilton has the No. 1 pick, followed by Edmonton and Calgary. Teams selecting fifth through eighth will move up a spot and Hamilton will make the final selection at No. 8 based upon having waiver priority for posting the CFL's worst record last year. Then the Ticats will kick off the second round with the ninth overall selection."

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You're welcome.

Oski Wee Wee,

My strategy in lieu of the recent Canadian FA signings to NFL teams would be to draft Barker #1, see if a need could immediately met by a camp-available guy at #8, and to take a flyer re Giguere or Shologan if one is available at #9. Two warm bodies in camp for sure, and hope the southbound guy selected at #9 materializes later this season.

Scotty_dogg has a similar idea, just that I wouldn't burn #8 and #9 on those two guys. The opportunity is there with two picks in Round One to significantly upgrade the team's Canadian content with players who aren't going elsewhere, so that would be my emphasis.

Oski Wee Wee,

Drafting Barker to move to LB makes no sense to me. This is Obiespin, in my opinion.

I actually am starting to think that the Cats will shock the world and take Shea Emry (the consensus #1 LB in the draft) at #1.

I also think the Cats will completely avoid Shologan and Giguere, and try to get Stephenson (to back up Lumsden at RB) and Bradwell (a WR who can attend Cat camp right away, unlike Giguere) with #8 and #9. After all, Hamilton is trying to start the year with their full, final team intact, which would not happen if they drafted guys who signed NFL free agent contracts.

The article in this mornings Post said that Hamilton would likely take Barker. Barker will battle Beveridge for safety.
If he doesn't beat out Beridge he would be good trade bait.

Barker is 6'3 200. If he adds a couple pounds he might just fit right in at LB.

I say to if they are both there at 8 and 9 you'd be better off taking them both because of the upside. The odds of either of them making the Colts and Chargers is slim so they very well could be here by Labour Day. I cant think of anyone at 8 that I would want ahead of either of them.

As for Barker, he's an upgrade to Beveridge IMO. And if not like it was stated above he could add bulk and play lb.