Finally intelligent words spoken to the media.

Not by Austin. Not by Jones...

Loved what Jeremiah Masoli said and the quiet confidence he exudes.
He is the single reason that I have any interest in this Monday's game.
No secret here, I have been pleading for some playing time for him.
He has certainly deserves it and the whole team deserves a bit of a shake up at this position.
He sounded the most sincere of anyone for a long time on this team.

Problem is, its going to be a tall task to win this Monday. I think he's up for it though.

Can't agree or disagree since you didn't include a link. But since you post about Masoli so often, you should double check how to spell his first name.

It was the scrum from the Website, sorry I'll edit that spelling mistake for you. Don't take any marks off for that. It's just every time he has played good things have happened.
here you go...

The team and management are in total disarray and we're worried about spelling mistakes. Priceless........

Apparently he's our new starting QB. Let's show proper respect by getting his name right.