Finally grey cup sunday has arrived

Good morning fellow freinds the big day is finally here as i had my coffee i received a subliminal message. A beautiful sunrise from the EAST and tonite itll set from the WEST.
As i reflected on the year that was i cant believe were here today ready to watch something we havent seen in 14 years.
A team that had new staff players no stadium so to speakhas all come together and battled to be were we are today.
Very proud of this team and personally wanna thank bob young for the job he did this year for the team and fans to make a imperfect situation enjoyable.
personally its been a verry long week so today i gotta stay busy till at least 4 when ill sit and enjoy watching the team i love the most continue there fight for success.
Congrats to all us fans and team for a very different yet non forgettable year.