Finally got a chance to get every CFL season's scores / schedule / standings online at

It's been bugging me since I took over operational management of that the full history of the league was not online and accessible to the public. Today, we completed the first phase of righting that wrong: From 1958 onwards, the league website will allow you to view any season's schedule/scores and standings:

Next up, I'd like to take some time and see if we can get the box score of each and every game ever played in the Canadian Football League online as well. And that will allow us to populate the every player's career stats. Inching forward, but forward progress nonetheless.


Would it possible to get attendance figures for each of the games.

They're there! Hit the "down" icon beside a game on the Schedule page to see some details:

Good work .

It is definitely progress .

Okay thanks.

That is awesome. Thanks for this.

Great work!

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Sully, I don't care what all those banned people say
You don't suck! :rofl:

Well done!

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Thank y... wait, is that what they've been saying about me? :sweat_smile:

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Great job Sully.

It appears as though 4 CFL vs ORFU exhibition games are missing.

Aug 6, 1958 Saskatchewan Roughriders 23 @ London Lords 1
Aug 8, 1958 Calgary Stampeders 33 @ Sarnia Golden Bears 1

July 30, 1959 Calgary Stampeders 21 @ Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen 8

July 28, 1960 Saskatchewan Roughriders 38 @ London Lords 0

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