Finally getting a kicker/punter ???

Time will tell, but the NFL draft ratings are reason for hope:
"Rated number 12 out of 52 K's"

Decent size too.

It is imperative that we find a kicker with a strong leg. We cannot afford to constantly lose field position on punts and kickoffs, particularly late in the season when the weather turns bad.

Ideally you want the whole package in one guy, but if Whyte is the more accurate FG kicker you try to keep 2.

Drew Basil field goal accuracy during his 4 year career at Ohio State was 78.6%. Not great.

Sean Whyte accuracy was 80.5% in 2012,82.0% in 2013 and 87.2% in 2014.

I do agree that the Als need a K/P that can kick/punt for a longer and higher distances. Is Boris Bede or Drew Basil the solution? Possibility.

I doubt that the Als will release Sean Whyte; they could go with 2 K/P.


LMAO. He was 33 for 42 with five of his misses from beyond 50 yards (desperation kicks) and he was the sixth rated punter Nationally coming out of High School. He's at least as good a prospect as Duval was coming out of College. Commentators who saw him kick at camp this week that him punt had this to say " the ball just hung in the air forever". Yeah he can't beat out Sean Whyte :roll:

With the new rules Whyte will be this team's biggest liability.

But is being #12 really that impressive?

Consider that the site has the 2 guys in BC replacing Paul McCallum as the #2 kicker and the #5 punter for that same year of 2014.

Anthony Fera #2 of 52 kickers for the 2014 Draft

[url=] ... 4&genpos=P[/url]

Richie Leone #5 of 47 punters for the 2014 Draft

[url=] ... 4&genpos=P[/url]

Jacques Dussault said he was impressed with Basils hangtime at practice even though he hasnt punted in awhile.

In any case, by bringing in Schmitt and now Basil, Im glad the team, whether its Reed, Higgins or Popp, is aware you need a kicker with a leg.

If Basil doesn`t work out, and BC can only keep one of Fera and Leone, then the Als should go after the other one. The point is you need one of these type of kickers.

Als just posted pics on their website from today's practice. Here is picture of Basil punting, so evidently he can do that as well. There are 2 more in the album of him that can been seen by clicking on the RIGHT ARROW.

[url='entrainement%202015%20Training%20Camp/Camp%20jour%207%20-%20Day%207?dl=0&preview=_RBP8130.jpg] ... BP8130.jpg[/url]

What's important is that he can do both job well because the Als won't allocate two game day roster spots.

L'embauche de Basil me semble lancer un message à Whyte. Les Alouettes n'ont pas encore fixé son sort malgré la retraite de Schmitt et le renvoi de Boyd. L'autre message est destiné à Bédé. Il ne les a pas convaincus non plus.

Cela dit, outre la distance et le temps de suspension des bottés, il y a la constance. Mais si Basil est capable de faire régulièrement des dégagements hauts et assez profonds, je crois que les Alouettes devront envisager d'aligner 2 botteurs, en supposant que Basil ne puisse assumer tous les rôles à lui seul.

Je suis tout de même content que les Alouettes s'investissent enfin à vouloir améliorer cette position, car Whyte ne pourra jamais assumer seul toutes les fonctions du botteur avec excellence. Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'acquis à ce camp d'entraînement et c'est très bien ainsi.

Well the last few years, we've had consistently weak kickoffs and "direction" used as an excuse in our consistently poor punting game. As for place kicking Sean's Consistent range is 32 yards. This is where points after are now kicked from !
We won't even talk about his "fake" attempts at tackling...

We need to move on if Special Teams are to change.

Bien d'accord, mais pas question de changer pour pire!

You need to let a guy in. When Watters came into the league with the Argos he was very average. A year later he was recognized as one of the best in the league and after three seasons IMO is the best in the league. Just like Tedford is doing in BC. At some point you have to give someone else an opportunity.

IMO there is no way than Whyte loses his FG job. He is averaging 84-85% success rate in his 4 years, easily the best % in Als history. Good gawd, what are people expecting? That position is the least of Als concerns.

This is a bizarre comparison. McCallum is 45. Been in BC for 11 years. Whyte is barely hitting his prime after 4 years.

The kicking game is too important. Game day rosters are bigger now then in the past. The idea that using 2 kickers one specializing in the areas as being a waste of a roster spot is an outdated thought process now.

This is what Higgins told Herb today about dressing 2 kickers:

“Do you keep two kickers? Is there a luxury in that. The answer is yes,? head coach Tom Higgins said. “It’s a great thing. I’ve had that before – a punter and placekicker who does kickoffs. He can help you in an emergency so, if something happens, you have someone who’s actually a kicker. Last year, if (Whyte) got hurt, we had emergency kickers to get us through a game.?

I cant wait until Bede kicks the caca out that ball thursday!! Tired of hearing about how hes on the bubble. Hes got the cfl game experience he knows what hes doing. Time to sacrifice to finally after 5 years get a real effing kicker.

The politics of football.... Bede has to overachieve and Sam could underachieve.