Finally found the solution to Lions' woes....

Hi Guys,

After painful and time consuming reflection and searching I have figured out why the Lions have been losing. It's the Roar you lions roar fight song.... you know.............that one that we all stand up for and sing during the 3rd quarter. THAT song has to be changed. You see I figure it all has to do with inner contentment, seeing the glass has half full, seeing an opportunity in every difficulty, having that positive "I can do it no matter what" attitude. Being able to proudly stand up and say, " I ...AM...A ......SOMEBODY ....AND NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.....

It all starts with I figure the first thing Wally needs to do is get rid of the stupid Fight Song and replace it with something much more appropo. Not only that Wally should have each of his players commit the lyrics to memory and have the team sing it along with fans in the stands. Cause matter whether the Lions are winning or losing, everyone is going to feel just great.....the players, the fans and the coaching staff.

Go to the following link. Listen to it and tell me if it doesn't make you......ohhhh so good all over.

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I hate that damned gets stuck in my head for HOURS at a time. Even just thinking about it now, it's stuck in my head. (Secretly, I wish the Riders had a song as good as it...don't touch that song, "it's Gold Jerry, Gold!")

LOL.......Nice Try!
But .......the Real and Sole reason, that the Lions are "Cursed" this year, is due to them showing Total Disrespect to Empire Stadium, by coming up with some NEW LAME Name... for that Hallowed Sacred Ground, that so many past Warriors Bled and played on.
Trying to call the place Empire "Fields", is just a Bad the Team is , this year ( Again).
It is...and always will be.......Empire Stadium!
The Lions will continue to LOSE.......until due Respect is paid, the Ghosts of the Past, who all Played at 'Empire Stadium"!
You don't mess with Historic Names and Historic Grounds.
If you do..........this is what you get!
A Lame name change......with an even Lamer Team.
Start calling the place...."Empire Stadium" again......and lets watch the Team turn this Sad season around for us all, to enjoy! couldn't Hurt! LOL