Finally, Dunigan is inducted to the Hall of Fame

I am glad that QB Matt Dunigan is a Hall of Famer. He deserved and he was eligible for three years before and wasn't inducted before, I don't know why.

Also I am happy for WR Allen Pitts, WR-KR Henry "Gizmo" Williams and DE Bobby Jurasin. All four were some of the best players of their era at their respective positions.

Yes all four of those were all good choices for the inductees... Although I must confess that one name Victor Spenser doesn't ring a bell at all. The story says he's from BC and contributed to the Lions, but Alzheimers must be kicking in because I can't recall him.

I think I can say this for every BB fan and EE fan about Dunnigan and Gizmo when I say "about bloody time!!!"

in the vote below, I voted for Matt, but watching old plays of Gizmo is always a thrill, escpacilly the 1987 Grey Cup returned missied Field Goal for a TD.

But Matt Dunigan has an awesome arm and he can throw the ball long like I've never seen before. Wish he stayed with the Bombers for a little more and got more records with them.

Plus, I have to go with a CFL player that has the same frist name as myself! :smiley:

He is a good head coach, GM, OC and equipment manager also sarcasim this time!
He is a great guy and good QB!

Dunigan should be the bombers GM

I remeber when Dunnigan was the starting qb for the esks, and Damon Allen was his backup, and guess who was the third string?
Man the esks can sure pay em, I mean pick em


Dunigan as a GM, hmm, he is a great TSN commintator and a great forenir rep for the CFL. no question.

By playing for the Bombers, Dunnigan sealed the deal on his Hall of Fame..
713 yards in one game was a clincher, for induction...
Poor ..Poor ..Esk's, they couldn't stop the Mighty Bombers that day..
All kidding aside, he really deserves it, and it's the only comman ground red05 and myself stand on..Go Bombers

Agree how all four are super choices. Although no one brings up Matt's name when discussing superstar QB, if I was starting a team from scratch he would be my first choice. Likewise for Pitts as a receiver and there is no one better then Gizmo as a returner. Man, those moves and the final flip in the endzone were awesome.

Giz is not bad for a nome!

Congrat to Matt. And the others who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame

A great group for sure, all have added like all the H of F's so much to Canadian football.