Finally! Argonauts Bikinis!! In WAL-MART!!!

Hello, ye happy Argo fans!!!

For so long, Argo fans have been getting the shaft when it comes to team merchandise. Case in point, all the western teams, plus the Bombers, have official bikinis, and Torontonians have been SOL. I've complained about the lack of Argo merch, and more specifically, the lack of an Argo bikini, for years!

Not anymore!

I was at Wal-Mart with the fiancee, in Etobicoke across the Queensway from Sherway Gardens, and wandered into the bikini section (as I'm known to do...) when I come face to face with a whole rack (hehehe) of these official CFL Toronto Argonauts Bikinis:

The fiancee saw my face and knew there would be no argument :slight_smile: There were still lots there, in all the sizes, in case anyone else is interested and in the area.

Oh, happy day!


This is good news. When or how can we see some models or cheerleaders in Toronto in them?

Argo players should don these and make a calendar and send proceeds to a charity. 8)

somewhere, there is a picture of henry burris wearing one of these....( shutters )

can't wait to get mine... :lol: :lol:

I can't imagine many Argo bikinis being sold anywhere!!

But these women's Buffalo Bills cowboy boots went on sale in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Completely sold out, I tried to get a pair at ticktmaster.

[url=] ... 19_PD.html[/url]

mike, how many Ontarians bought those btw? :wink:

Get those numbers and then we’ll talk. :wink:

mike, you live in Florida — get it? :wink:

Can you be more specific. Is that "sold out" as in every pair purchased or "sold out" where 3 pairs were sold and the rest were given away?